Saturday, September 24, 2011

Religion: what's going on?

This week has been very rough on religion in the Netherlands: football hooligans chanting about jews, peoples homes being clad with defamatory texts (also against jewish religion and race), then a christian church being broken into and all statues beheaded ... this all in a background of a society that is housing an increasing number of islamic believers, who are also insulted on a daily basis ...
What is going on with religion? (although: have you noticed that the most peaceful of all religions, buddhism, has not been targeted?)
Or is it not a religious rebellion at all, but is it more an aversion of authority?
One thing is sure, the way this discontentment is being expressed does not suggest belief in any of the original religious teachings about love.

The government has for many years (in fact as long as I can remember) preached a model of scarcity: every year it is going to get worse ("de broekriem aanhalen", in Dutch), if we have to believe the government, who traditionally presents the economic plans for the coming year in September. Scarcity not only in the sense of economy, but on all levels of society.
Is this feeling of "not having enough", a lack or scarcity (in whatever field of life), what is being expressed here?
I think the above mentioned acts of aggression against religion can also be viewed in the larger context of the Arab Spring: a desire, felt by many people, for more freedom.
Religion nor government offer freedom or the so much talked about "democracy".

In New Age there is rarely talk of what is happening in politics or in daily life around us. I do not believe in this ostrich philosophy of just paying attention to what is right in life and ignoring what does not work: sooner or later things fly back in your face!
The question then needs to be: what is it inside us that wants to be expressed, that wants to have more freedom and from what?
And can that happen in a way that does not to harm others?
It may well be that what we condemn in others about the anti-religious acts, also somewhere houses in our own basements ... (yeah, I know, this does not win me points! :-))

Meantime, I have been too busy with too many things lately to create new art for on the wall, but you can find several new designs in my online art store, an example of that as you can see above ...
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Humor in Art

Of course cats (knors) are always great to have around for some fun. Just by being their delightful selves they make anyone smile ... :-)
I have added some of my artworks together here for a light note for the weekend, hope you enjoy ... :-)

Available at Zazzle

(just to make a point that not only cats can be funny ... :-))
And: get in the mood for some laughs for Halloween:

(You can buy this shirt at Zazzle)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wild horses in Romania

One of my bad habits is that I love to zap on tv. This has oftentimes led to very interesting discoveries, like last night when I stumbled upon a documentary on TV5, the French international tv.
It was about the wild horses in the Danube delta in Romania. They were set free after the soviet regime collapsed and the communities could not take care of them any more. Now they turn out to be thriving in the wild (which makes for stunning movie material ...).
However, they pose a threat to the forest as they eat the bark of the trees which kills the trees ...
And they have humans threatening to kill them, which has led to animal rights actions ( and

There is something wildly attractive about these free horses. Maybe they call upon the free spirit that is in all of us ...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

September - a new beginning

I just stumbled upon a movie on BBC, created with computer animation and I must say I was in awe. The movie was called Wallace and Gromit and if you have not seen it, I recommend you check out their website. When I see all that, I feel very humble with my own digital design skills ... which currently seem to be targeted to creating a series of new business card designs. September feels like the start of a new year, so also a great time to renew the outlook of your business or start a new company, especially in challenging times!

Talking about challenging times: the same BBC this past week broadcasted a "documentary" on what is the latest "evidence" on 9/11.
Anyone still believing the fairy tale the governments wants us to believe?
In that respect it was very interesting to see how the "evidence" for weapons of mass destruction as presented by Colin Powell also was created by digital work ...