Sunday, January 22, 2012

Architecture and the art of healing

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I love BBC documentaries and Coast is one of them, although I haven't seen many episodes. It is about the British coast, which is absolutely awesome in my view. This episode was about the historical development of the buildings and structures along the coast. How many of the landmarks have disappeared.
It reminded me of that beautiful coastal town on the other side of the world: San Francisco.
There too the phenomenal landmarks have disappeared:
San Francisco Cliff House
This is a picture of the Cliff House in San Francisco, about a century ago, a striking building with many beautiful details. If you go there today, the new building does not have any charm and you may even pass it without noticing.
So why am I talking about these changes?
Most of you will know about the research of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto on the structure of water. How the water crystals become more harmonious and beautiful in environments of high energy and loving thoughts.
In the presence of negative energies the entropy increases and the water crystals become chaotic in structure.

So how could the state of architecture today and compared to a century ago, be seen in the light of dr. Emoto's research?
We know how the structure of a building can influence how we feel and even what we are thinking(!!!). It is for instance known that a higher ceiling enables more "thinking outside the box" than a lower ceiling, which is more conducive to practical every day solutions. Beauty is not just a superficial thing for the vain and rich as every artist can tell you: there is something in the soul that relaxes and expands in the presence of beauty and that includes the beauty of the environment and buildings.
But could it be that we can also turn this around and say that as a collective, our energies influence the shape of the buildings we create?
And then: that our energy is vibrating on a level much lower than a century ago and creates the ugly structures around us ...?
Could it be that all new age talk about rising frequencies is just not in alignment with reality?
Is it surprising that our children are turning to virtual reality to find old castles and all the stuff from fairy tales?
Maybe one day the 3D printers can print new buildings and we can create once again the magical structures that are part of our collective (sub)consciousness and that we do need for healing and well being.

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