Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fingerprint of God

mandala fractal art on a MacBook - art by Anne Vis
Last night National Geographic showed a documentary on fractals on the Dutch tv, which will be repeated this Friday. It seems like fractals are hot these days! And they are present in everything in nature. Outside of nature I think it depends on what you look at. The documentary made it seem like everything we create follows these patterns, even the patterns on the planet where a disease breaks out or certain weather patterns. I am not entirely convinced. Look at for instance contemporary architecture: the golden rule has long been lost. The golden rule in architecture creates dimensions that equal those in nature and makes that a building looks harmonious to us.
If you do not get a chance to watch National Geographic, you may like to check out this YouTube movie, ironically called "The fingerprint of God" :-)

A great explanation, but what do you think of the conclusion? :-)

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