Friday, January 20, 2012

Fractals ... and more fractals!

Fractals are derived from mathematical formulas in nature, like the structure of a leaf for instance. The way they can be used in art offers a sheer endless amount of possibilities, some of the main categories I would like to point out today.
I chose some iPad designs I recently created as this allows for a good view of the fractal. The designs are actually available on entire series of different products.
The first category is a flower fractal. This is like going back to the roots of the fractal, and create natural forms all over again. Being with the fractal flowers can be like a walk through an exotic garden on a different planet. The fractal flowers can have very exotic shapes or colors, but that is where the freedom of the artist comes in:
fractal flower art by Anne Vis
The second category is the free art: a fractal that is composed of different layers and can not, or only partially, be led back to its source. It's the freeform fractal.
This is a beautiful example of a "wild fractal":
wild fractal art by Anne Vis
The third category is a mandala type fractal
This is a regular fractal, but it has a kaleidoscope effect applied to it, which gives it a meditative aspect. Like the other fractals, it can be healing just to watch them and be with them.
Here is an example of a mandala fractal on an iPad case:
wild fractal art by Anne Vis
The last category of fractal design that I would like to point out today is probably the most famous type of fractal: the spiral fractal. These fractals seem to be spiraling around a center and can be very mesmerizing. The spiral fractal is usually also very energizing and has an uplifting effect.
A good example is this spiral fractal on an iPad case:
spiral fractal art by Anne Vis
This is just a selection, I'm sure I will get back to it later, as I am currently completely addicted to creating this stuff :-) So I have to keep adding new categories along the way ... (this may lead to some of the links not working when you visit; you can then always go back to the main site: annevisdesign).
As you can see the variety is endless and so is the energetic effect of each different design. Enjoy!

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