Thursday, January 26, 2012

God Rules

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Geert Wilders is a flamboyant character in the theatre play we call politics in the Netherlands. He is squarely against islam and would love to see it abolished entirely probably. His most bold move in this direction has been a proposal to forbid the koran.
With "Mein Kampf" forbidden and a law that says that you are not allowed to not belief the holocaust story, the situation here is comparable to what is happening in France now with the Kurdish genocide law. In a state where the government tells you which books you can read and what are or are not allowed to think, we can say we have a totalitarian regime, not something called a democracy.
Wilders is a fervent fan of the israelis and puts their interests above those of the Dutch people.
So we are not surprised, yet totally appalled, to see an israeli busline operating in the Netherlands now that in the israeli territories employs an Apartheid regime.
The israelis have made headlines lately too because young girls don't dare to go to school any more out of fear of being lynched. (Did it sound to you too like the Taliban enforcing a burka?)
And the other day a woman just barely survived an assault by a group of religious jewish terrorists, which did not make as many headlines as the schoolgirl news apparently.
Whichever way you look at this, it is bad news for women ... again.
I spoke with a Anja Meulenbelt the other day. She used to be one of the most prominent fighters for women's rights in the seventies. I was surprised to hear that she just shrugged at my question about the women's rights situation now in the Netherlands. "Well, at my age you are not interested in sunbathing topless in the park any more ..." is what she said.
No, I understand that, but this is of course about so much more ...
Not only governments and finances are interwoven and make a complex network, but also the different topics are not so easy to separate any more.

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Anne Vis said...

Very good news today: someone who was sent to court because of not believing the holocaust story has not been convicted! It is already ridiculous of course that you have to defend yourself in court for such a thing, but at least he was set free ...