Friday, January 13, 2012

Is God stupid?

Biologist Richard Dawkins is visiting the Netherlands and apparently has the status of "pop idol" or "rock star" according to some news programs.
To tell you the truth I had never heard of him before, but that has changed this evening as I have been watching quite a few YouTube movies.
As a former dentist, my training during the first 3 years was almost identical as that for doctors and thus evolution was a part of it and also it's supposed relationship to embryology. I remember not believing one word of it, it just did not make sense to me.
Of course I was the only one.
But in the last couple of years I have found an increasing number of people not believing in the evolution theory, but then based on religious convictions.
Which in my humble opinion is just as unconvincing.
So here are some of the movies I watched, just to get you warmed up on the topic:

And of course the most convincing one:

What is interesting in this is also the timing: Richard Dawkins makes a joke about politics, wondering if when there are so many politicians in the US who are religious, there are any who are actually not stupid ... ? :-)
Good question.
Could it be that none of these theories is true, despite so called "evidence" in favor of either of them?
I find them actually flying in the face of the latest findings in physics.
One of them of course being the theories of Stephen Hawking about what happened before the "Big Bang". I guess I am the ultimate skeptic, because I do not even believe in a "Big Bang". But also the latest research which is showing that matter can actually spontaneously appear, goes against a theory that says that everything is created from something that was "before". What if time is an illusion? Then there is no "before" and the entire evolution theory falls flat on it's face, God or no God ...
Of course I am very fascinated with what Tony Parsons has to say lately and he thinks the whole thing is an illusion, it is "what appears to be happening and is both real and unreal" ... what do you do with that?

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