Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love is in the air ...

Valentine's Day art card by Anne Vis
An artist is always kind of "off" when it comes to timing of events. The season for Valentine's Day is already long on it's way, whereas of course the day itself is still weeks away. For myself it means being "immersed in the energies" ... and who does not want to float in an ocean of love? The associations are still pink, sweet, and floral ... and having a new style this year with fractal art.
Also new this year is an anti-Valentine's Day card: I named it "Barbed wire heart Valentine card" ... :-)
Anti-Valentine's Day art card by Anne Vis
Most of my cards however have the sweetness and love of the traditional Valentine's Day cards:
Valentine's Day art card by Anne Vis
This is a traditional "love birds card" ...
Find more new cards on Sunny Sites Online Art Store, there are quite a few new ones already ... more coming! ;-)

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