Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My first political cartoon! :-)

Uhm, yes ... I was so upset that netanyahu is coming to the Netherlands and our stupid government is receiving him as a king, that I was looking for other ways to protest ... and thus the cartoon was born, despite my lack of drawing skills ... :-)
There are two protests on Thursday January 19 in the Hague, at 9:45 AM. One on Plein and one on Buitenhof.
In case you are not familiar with Amsterdam Bijlmermeer: this was the area where an ElAl boing crashed in 1992 while it was carrying chemical weapons from New York to the israeli territories via Amsterdam. The politicians who were involved have all been lying in parliamentary inquiries (under oath) and never been prosecuted. Like also the israelis keep getting away with their crimes (so far).
And yes, the Iranian nuclear scientist is dead now, nobody can bring him back ... My condolences to family and loved ones of all victims of crimes ...

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