Monday, January 30, 2012

Outsourcing no more?

Flower Power Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
Yes, you are seeing it right: this beautiful bag is actually handmade in ... San Francisco, CA, USA!!!
Of course I could not resist to put a very "Flower Power" image on it, just to tease ... but the fact is: this is a major accomplishment in the times of outsourcing. Especially in San Francisco, known as an expensive city.
But San Francisco is of course also the place where all new initiatives spark and where all great changes in our world are inspired ...
Zazzle, the print-on-demand company, that is now the main site with whom I publish new art to decorate every day products, has made a deal with a local company to accomplish this. Zazzle is also from the San Francisco Bay Area, I would almost say ... of course! :-)
I have already put quite a few new bags in annevisdesign, online art store, they will be created once they are ordered, as print on demand.
I'd like to show some more here, just because I am so enthusiastic about them myself :-):
Original Art Messenger Bag - art by Anne VisRetro Romantic Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
Rainbow Palette Messenger Bag - art by Anne VisFun Art Deco Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
Ocean Dream Messenger Bag - art by Anne VisMexican Floral Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
A lot of fun, as you can see! I also like that you can add text to it. Zazzle has many options to choose from with regards to font and color of the text, so that it is possible to completely follow your own preferences.
This is just a selection of the bags available, see annevisdesign for more choices!

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