Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Should Obama hand back the Nobel Peace Prize?

Peace magnet - art by Anne Vis
The moment Obama took office and appointed israeli warlord Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff, I knew we were fooled: nothing was going to change ...
On the contrary: military actions have gone up, as has the budget for military spending, just to name a few ... Where is the peace?
The Nobel Peace Prize? I noticed that an increasing number of people is wondering if he should actually hand it back. Mission failed: sweet rethoric does not accomplish peace when accompanied by war actions.
He got the prize on promises, the dream of Change ... And now?
Read what Bruce Dixon writes about this and then I'd like to hear what you think:
Should Obama hand back the Nobel Peace Price?
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walstraasart said...

I believe that we ordinary people can't give a proper answer simply because we don't have all the facts. A great deal of the information comes from the secret services. Another think is that history shows how many lies have been told to the people all over the world. So I believe that it is extremely difficult for Obamato make wise, peaceful decisions. The only thing I try to figure out is what kind of a staff he has and is it possible to know if I can trust him.