Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unbelievable or True?

Imagine the theatre of life and find yourself looking at the scene in Japan in March 2011. The media say there has been an earthquake ... Read this article and let me know if you still believe this story ... or maybe not?
Now shift to the scene in Oslo, Norway, summer 2011 ... a massive attack on children. Supposedly done by "one idiot" who was operating alone. Or was he?
Back to Mumbai, India ... supposedly an attack by Pakistani ... or was it?
Further back in time: London, 2007. New York, 2001.
Al Qaida? Do you still believe that?

One thing that should be important in investigating the truth of something is if the supposed "killer" has a motive. It is also helpful to have a psychological picture of how this person/organization works.
And to listen to what they are telling us.
So to put the dots together we see a line of events that lead to one source.
Why do the media not tell us the truth: blackmail? Or do we only need to look at who actually owns the media?

Let's turn to the Dutch situation.
Everybody is screaming murder about Geert Wilders.
Supposedly because he is a populist.
Which is of course not the main reason why he would pose a danger to Dutch society.
The real danger is that he is sponsored by the zionists and he does not make that a secret, openly telling us that the israeli territory interests prevail above the interests of the Dutch people. (how crazy is that and which other country does that make you think of?!!!)
The security at Amsterdam airport is done by israelis, of whom it is well known that they build in spyware in any technical equipment that leaves their territories. Why was anyone surprised by the so called "underwear bomber", who was obviously put deliberately on the plane by the israeli "security forces"?
Also the "security" in the government buildings are done by israeli companies.
These are all well known facts.
Now back to Fukushima, because that is a much bigger step.
Who has the motive?
Obviously if it is true that Iran got its uranium from Japan ... who would get really pissed off?
Who had the means to do this? Look at who was in charge of the "security" of the Japanese nuclear plants ...
Other known facts: the "viruses" (also called Stuxnet) in the Iranian nuclear facilities.
Of course after one of the first rulers of the israeli territories, Golda Meir, said that they wanted to rule the entire world and if that would not succeed they would take all of us down with them ... a human is warned, wouldn't you agree?

As it unfolds, the plot of this entire drama (we cannot call it a comic play at this stage any more ...) becomes clearer and clearer.
Jim Stone just today shed some more light on this. This in case you wondered why every time the cameras of CNN are supposed to turn to Ron Paul, there seems to be a "connection problem". Even the Dutch media, at the time when Ron Paul was second in the polls, did give a profile of all the candidates except for Ron Paul ... What is that about? How ridiculous does this get?
And don't believe that because nobody talks about Fukushima any more, there is no more danger ... it is still leaking tremendous amounts of nuclear waste ... and no, it does not stay just in Japan, it is here too ... And no, the regular media and government agencies will not publish any real data. (remember how the EU simply raised the safety norm after the Fukushima incident so that it would be called "safe" no matter what?)
In the new age scenes I have lately heard people warning about 7th dimensional beings with evil intentions. I tell you:  as long as we have the israelis, we have nothing to fear from 7th dimensional beings ...
Have a safe and happy 2012!

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Anonymous said...

The Belgian news just confirmed that the israelis have attacked the Iranian nuclear plants with the stux virus, which makes the attack on Japan also more likely to be true.