Friday, February 3, 2012

3D Printing and Healing

Sci-fi Fantasy Surrealistic Wrapped Canvas Print - art by Anne Vis
The new developments in 3D printing are really amazing and the implications may be far-reaching.
I was just looking to see what is available in the Netherlands in this field now and came across this:

Find more architectural applications on 3D
All very exciting, but to me the medical applications are the most interesting. What if we can replace all sorts of organs or even an entire face when wounded? In Belgium a group of scientists and medical doctors have succeeded in replacing a lower jaw with a printed jaw (Dutch language link). They used titanium to create this. Titanium is also used for dental implants and is usually well accepted by the body.
More possibilities come up when 3D printing is combined with stem cell research and it becomes possible to actually print cells:

It is just so encouraging to see these new developments!

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