Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Art ... of living ...

The Escape - art by Anne Vis
Art is a strange creature.
And today I would like to share some of what is going on (in me?) during and after creating a painting ...
When I am in the process of creation, I am usually in a state of bliss, just focusing on the composition, colors and some details ...
It is not until it is finished, that I look at the piece from the outside (as far as that is possible for any artist regarding their own work) and get some sense of what it actually might be about.
Also the painting you see here ... I was completely mesmerized by the colors ... and it wasn't until later that I saw it is actually quite profound and having associations with life and death and how we live our lives.
The bird is traveling in a glass sphere ... the lightbody ... transparent, yet still some sort of a boundary. How accessible are we for others?
And where is the bird going? A landscape with an ocean ... plenty of fish to eat and new friends already waiting?
Or traveling in the lightbody to the world of the souls?
Lately I have lost quite a few people around me ... one of them committed suicide. It is hard to tell sometimes how people are really going through life, or maybe I should say how life is going through people.
In the Netherlands euthanasia has been a hot topic for a long time. And the discussion has flared up again to include not only people who are terminally ill without any hope of recovery or an end to suffering, but also to include people who are just "tired of life".
With the economic depression, more people want to "get out" and I wonder to what extent I am tuning into a larger societal movement when I am creating my artwork. Where do I get these images from? I guess it is once again clear that nobody is really "separate" and everything is connected ...

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