Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celebrating Love

Beach wedding photo binder - art by Anne Vis
I guess I'm an incurable soppy romantic and today I was at it again: I created an entire line of products related to romance, wedding and what you have ... :-)
In order to make art related to a wedding or anniversary, it is necessary to somehow "get in the mood of the event", crawl under it's skin so to speak, and fantasize about what would be nice products that could be interesting and fun to use in such an occasion.
To me that meant fantasy, as nobody that I know is getting married right now, nor are there big celebrations of anniversaries (it's beyond me why you would not want to celebrate such a unique event?!)
Anyway, what do you think of the Thank You card:
Romantic Rose Beach Wedding Thank You Card - art by Anne Vis
I can think of a zillion occasions in which this would be a really nice card to send, but especially to receive ... Like would it not be also a nice card for a woman to thank her for the Valentine's Day gift she gave you? And as you can customize the text: to wish a Happy Valentine's Day? You can also use it as a Mother's Day card ... or to congratulate with an engagement ...
You can tell I am getting carried away!
One more:
Romantic Rose Beach Mug - art by Anne Vis
Sweet, isn't it? :-)
Of course also here: you can customize the text ... what does love mean to you?


doctor rob said...

I do not know what comprises the engery of love. I think some of the "colors" though are kind, gentle, tender, and occasionally something in a fierce red.

I found you via a link from art heals.
I liked what I found.

I'll pass by this way again.

Anne Vis said...

Thank you for your kind comment, doctor Rob, you have some awesome photography yourself! :-)