Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crisis, what crisis?

Sympathy Encouragement Art Card - art by Anne Vis
Everyone is meowing about a crisis in the building and construction industry. This is however in no way reflected in what is happening in Amsterdam. The entire city is one huge building and construction site, coming with all the noise, pollution and what have you.
One of the reasons is that our previous mayor left us with a building industry that is largely in hands of the mafia. Corruption all over, and unfortunately I am sitting in the middle and can see (and hear!) it all from close by. Not to mention all the court cases.
The houses across the street are (were I should say) on the monument list and situated close to the center of Amsterdam. The entire street is old and on the site where several houses are being demolished now, there were previously only old houses.
Left you can see what it looked like a year ago, and on the right what it looks like today:
Everyone in the neighborhood is very upset, because of the damage this does to our city, whereas it would have been very well possible to maintain the facade of the building. Lies, lies and more lies, that's the government.
So, people in Spain: if you are a skilled construction worker, here is the place to be, as we are also tired from the balconies dropping off buildings and other disasters that seem to be happening on a weekly basis ...
Uhm yes, I finally found an appropriate illustration for this post: a sympathy card ... I am getting famous (or infamous, what should I say?) for these ... :-)

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