Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Netherlands: a totalitarian state?

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Last Sunday I briefly turned on the television to see what was happening in a news program. What I saw just got me transfixed on my chair in horror. They had a lifeless woman there of whom I can only say that she was the female version of the "hate imam" who caused so much uproar just a few weeks ago. Naema Tahir claims she is a "recovering muslima", but we can only say she is now confused in the days: muslim prayers are on Friday, not on Sunday ... and she was certainly preaching. Some journalists are in her view "immoral" and need to be removed from journalism.
Interestingly, she targeted Rutger Castricum as her prey. He happens to be one of the best journalists we have in this country. Yes, he can sometimes be a bit too bold, but usually he gets the information he (and the viewer) would like to get, and he does it with a great sense of humor.
Soon enough we could see what is happening behind the scenes here, as (of course) the very next day Rutger Castricum was on her doorstep and asked (very politely I must say) to speak with her. However, hubby was determined to get him at the throat and became very violent.
So much for crossing the fine lines of civilization.
So back to her preaching: she went on to say that nice people like Job Cohen should be revered ... Excuse me? This is the guy that left a mess after he was mayor of Amsterdam and is now sent away by his political party, as he was almost single handedly chasing away the entire following of the party. A very grumpy and incompetent man.
The entire preaching was so out of line with Dutch society. If she likes a totalitarian state she will have to relocate. (don't know why she hasn't thought of that solution yet?)
I have never seen Rutger Castricum physically attack anyone, yet apparently Tahir has no moral problems with her partner attacking a journalist physically.
The partner, Kinneging, seems to be a teacher in law at the university. I suggest this is the end of his career. No wonder society is such a mess if people like that are supposed to "educate" law students.
Interesting detail is that Kinneging said that television should be banned from politics altogether as people get distracted by what they see. He obviously saw a documentary the day before, that I also saw, about how we are visually deceived and how the brain makes an image and fills in the blanks where it cannot know. Some research was mentioned about a debate between two politicians and according to one group of observers, who only saw the debate, politician A won, and the other group (who only heard the debate) said politician B won. Kinneging, who presents himself as a scientist, concluded that the group who just listened and did not see the debate was correct ... Excuse me?
I see it as very dangerous if people like these two get their way. We get a government that decides what journalists are allowed to say and what not ... soon to be followed by ordinary people like you and me ...

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