Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dutch media call for sponsors insurgence in Syria

Futuristic Sci Fi Notebook - art by Anne Vis
I've barely been able to watch the news coming from Syria: it is just too awful.
And I kept having that strange feeling that something was not right about the media coverage, I just could not imagine it to be true.
Bashir al Assad has said from the beginning that it was western intervention.
And it seems that he has a point.
Last night the Dutch media openly called for sponsors to support the "rebels" ... Bringing it as something that might not be the best, because they could buy weapons (?!) (talking hypocrisy ...), but nevertheless: all the information and a great propaganda stunt.
It seems that the worst scenario that can happen to any country is the west coming in for a "regime change" and bringing "democracy" (of course without consulting the population, oh irony ...)
For an average person it is these days almost impossible to get a clear view of what is going on. I just want the people of Syria to know that I love them and whatever my government is doing to harm Syria is not in my name and I wish them peace, good health and happiness ...

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Julie Kelly said...

Hi Anne
I have just been looking at your blog inspirational Art & Healing and I thinks its a beautiful piece of work. I completely agree that the situation in Syria is awful and really doesn't seem to be getting any better. As a Buddhist Mentor and Mindfulness practitioner my main focus is on the welfare of others and like yourself, on healing. I really love your work and sense that you have a real interest in the wellbeing of all sentient beings. I will follow your blog and look forward to more of your work. Maybe you could check out mine Love and Blessings Julie