Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Every Day Earth Day

Bee postage - art by Anne Vis
With just a few weeks to go to Earth Day, the spring weather is helping to feel more connected to nature. And I find it very interesting and joyful to see that animal life is thriving in the city. Last year fishermen found a huge eel in the canal in Amsterdam in my neighborhood. It had the size of my leg! And this year the bee keepers have installed their hives on top of the Central Theatre on the Leidsesquare to create "city honey".
The theory is that the variety in nature in the city is larger than in rural areas and also the plants have less pesticides and other chemicals. This latter argument is questionable as there is a lot of pollution in Amsterdam by all the major building and construction projects, scooters and of course the petro-chemical industry, which is right around the corner.
However, it is a wonderful project and we are all looking forward to see the bee hives thrive and the bees create delicious honey!
Have a great spring!

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Anne Vis said...

BBC just aired a documentary on bees last night, apparently "urban beekeeping" is very trendy in London.