Thursday, April 12, 2012

Impeach Obama

Galaxy Space Abstract Art iPad Case - art by Anne Vis
Now just yesterday I briefly mentioned how sick and tired I am with all the warmongering and other criminal stuff that the Bush III administration thinks it needs to do.
And unfortunately it is not just in the US that these things are happening.
However, in the US some brave people have come to protest (I haven't seen anything like this yet in the Netherlands, everyone is still applauding Obama and apparently supporting the wars ... applauding for what exactly is beyond me ...).
A movement to impeach Obama, clearly explained in this video:

And again: this is not just about Obama, but all these things are in fact crimes by governments against their own population.
It would also help if all these israelis were worked out of the different governments and the eavesdropping equipment that the so-called israeli "security companies" have installed everywhere, would be removed.
We must realize that a "point of no return" is approaching and certainly here in Europe we need to only remind ourselves of how Hitler came into power. If we want to live in a peaceful and harmonious world, just sitting and watching football or dreaming and meditating will not do the job ... we will need to address these things. Now.
So, although I am not usually a "Republican thinker" and am wondering how you can even call your site "infowars" ... this time I think they have a point:

And, in worst case scenario, the israeli attack on Japan last year will finish us all of:
check out the latest news on Fukushima. (Just to stay on the bright side ... )
And you will easily understand why I prefer drawing cats ... :-)

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