Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's New?

The Cat Song Wrapped Canvas - art by Anne Vis
In politics the Bush III administration is continuing it's warmongering and bailing out Wall St. instead of Main St., so nothing new there.
For the really exciting things, as well as more uplifting topics, we go to the world of cats, knors.
I had a visit of a Knor, who explained to me how she can just BE music, instead of listening to or making music. Imagine how healing that is, to just be that soft purring singing. She joined her friends the birds and you can see them here in one of my latest creations.
(click on image or go to Anne's Cats)
There is not only a lot of news in the cat world, but I also introduced a new product in my other store, Sunny Sites: photo sculpture magnets. These are magnets that are cut-outs and since they are in the shape of stars and flowers, you do not have them on a round or square shape, but as is.
Floral Design Fractal Sculpture Magnet - art by Anne Vis
I already put up quite a few flowers, but also Christmas stars!

On this blog I rarely feature other artists, but you can find their work on my other blog: Inspiring Gifts and on a Squidoo lens: Inspiring Art, where I also write about inspiration in daily life.

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