Sunday, May 6, 2012

Climate and the green parrot

A hot spring night canvas print - art by Anne Vis
This past winter hundreds of wild horses died in the Netherlands, the fruit harvest is ruined for this year and trees have only a few flowers compared to the abundance we saw last year. Weeks of temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius have created havoc in nature. Still the media call it a "mild winter". Honestly, even today the temperature has not been above 10 degrees Celsius ... (so much for "global warming" ...)
Yet, this spring (or is it still winter?) I noticed a new species in my neighborhood: the green parrot.
Given that this is a bird that used to live in much warmer areas, it is absolutely remarkable that the green parrot has been able to come back in such large numbers, announcing it's presence with loud squeaks, paling the beautiful black bird's song. The bird is of course famous from Coit Tower in San Francisco and has been housing for years in Amsterdam as well as in other European cities like, London.
I would not expect to see it in such large numbers after such a horrible winter, a miracle?

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Anne Vis said...

According to the offical weather institution KNMI this was the hottest spring on record ... shows you where all the stories on "global warming" come from ...