Saturday, May 19, 2012

Healing the Economy

Housewarming Party Invitation Card - art by Anne Vis
Could it be that after all the stressful news about the economy there is hope?
Apart from all the new small businesses (previous post) that are starting, I saw a documentary on the Dutch television that I thought is very hopeful indeed. It suggests that the exodus of labor and manufacturing to China has come to a halt and that the Netherlands is going back to producing it's own products.
Something similar is happening in San Francisco where Zazzle has organized hand made manufacturing of messenger bags and several other products locally, as I mentioned in a previous post about outsourcing.
One of the reasons behind the reversal of this process also sounds like really good news: the Chinese workers are earning more money and there is more attention for the environment.
For those who understand the Dutch language:

And on another note: the Housewarming Party Invitation Card you see on top of this post, is part of a series of new invitation cards in square format. Some of them are in Sunny Sites Online Art Store and others in Anne's Cats Store. More to come! :-)

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