Monday, May 21, 2012

Stop the banks from creating money out of thin air

4th of July BBQ Party Invitation Card - art by Anne Vis
While the cats are roasting a fish on the beach, and I have been busy creating a lot of new invitation cards, a group of English thinkers have created a video to show us how to stop the continuing robbery of your bank account. This documentary flies into the face of all that the media are trying to tell us and apparently the politicians don't want to know:
In the west some people still downplay the economic crisis and continue a luxury life, but also here in the Netherlands, a growing group of people is plunging into poverty. This is more serious than just not having much money, it affects relationships, health and can cause serious depression. It is well known that the rates of suicides are going through the roof. Thus it is no exaggeration to say these banksters are serial murderers ... that go unpunished ...
This documentary proposes to disallow the banks to create money and democratize the process of distribution. The video lasts for about an hour (which is the short version), but I strongly recommend watching it and please make it viral!

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