Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunny Sites: new website!

new website - art by Anne Vis
As you can see, I've been really busy this past week creating a new website. The navigation and design have been completely restyled.
The focus is now much more on the three Zazzle stores to bring art into your daily life experience, coloring and brightening up products you use every day.
It comes with my vision that art is not just a wonderful thing on the wall, but is embedded in all of life. Art as a way of living and then I am referring to not just the visual, but the creativity and inspiration of life. The way you design your contacts, that smile to the driver of the bus, the joy of interacting with animals ... it is really everything.

One of the things I discovered through the new site, happened when I started debugging and found that my contact page did not work any more. My server had disabled PHP scripting and I somehow had missed that information ... So sorry to folks who tried to reach me and did not get anywhere! You can find a new email link on the "about us" page.
Anyway: enjoy the new site and all the new products and inspiring art that is available!
And let me know what you think! :-)

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