Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Lesbian Hairdo?

Elegant Black and White (Silver) Anniversary Invitation - art by Anne Vis
Life is as crazy as it can get.
I recently had to have a very drastic haircut, which evoked quite a wave of strong reactions that I had not foreseen.
First of all one of my friends announced that this would most certainly call an end to anything that might resemble a love (read: sex) life.
Very cute and charming ... :-)
Then a gay friend looked at me and said: "You look like a lesbian from the eighties. Couldn't you have it at least cut more asymmetrical or more fun?"
As you notice, the comments are getting increasingly flattering ... :-)))
So, yes, I look grey, lesbian and hopelessly old-fashioned.
Personally I really can't be too bothered about it, but there is something more intense about this. Because with all the football stuff going on, the Ukraine is big on the map. And not because of football, but because of violating human rights for gay and lesbian people.
Apart from it being out of the question for me now to travel to the Ukraine (...), I find it more alarming that some people apparently think they have to control what others are doing in their own bedroom. And apparently it is NOT OK to look a certain way.
In Amsterdam I have not been harassed (yet) because of supposedly being lesbian, but the sheer thought of it is just beyond my comprehension. Even a good friend of mine told me she has the impression that all lesbian and gay people are mentally unstable and "drama queens/kings". I must say that having lived most of my life in Amsterdam and San Francisco, both capitals of the gay, I know quite a lot of gay and lesbian people and cannot underscore this impression at all. On the contrary, I would say.
Anyone who ever fell in love, knows that it is something that happens beyond control. There is no reason to assume that this is different for people who are gay or lesbian.
In August the Gay Canal Pride will happen again in Amsterdam: brightly colored and festive boat parade to celebrate freedom for gays and lesbians.
And then I haven't even mentioned the transgender, bisexual and what you have ...
It looks like there is still a lot of work to be done to find true respect for anyone who is not "straight" in this world ...

The image on top of this post is an 25th anniversary invitation card I created today. Unfortunately it will still take quite a lot of time before the first gay married couples will get to their silver anniversary ...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fusion in Art: surreal, vintage and steampunk

Time Flies - art by Anne Vis
Lately my art has been inspired by vintage art, as you may have seen in previous posts, and also by steampunk.
I have always been very inspired by surrealism, especially DalĂ­, and now it looks like I get a fusion of these three styles (at least for now, you never know where creativity is flowing next ... :-)))
What makes it so much fun?
Surrealism has the magic, the feeling of other worlds and new possibilities. Vintage has the wonderful quality of "feeling good", a world of peace and harmony. Not that the past has ever been like that, but somehow the vintage style is associated with these feelings. (interesting, isn't it?!) And steampunk combines the qualities of vintage with sci-fi, a world in a fascinating future, where technology plays an important role. And technology can be seen the way it was explained by Tesla in this respect. I still think Tesla is one of the most inspiring technological inventors we know of, still inspiring many people today.
Seen from an artistic point of view, the very popular and in some ways vintage style of art nouveau, also fits nicely with this medley.
Enjoy and be in peace ...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bank Bailout?

The Flower Song - art by Anne Vis
While I am playing with fractals as you can see in this latest artwork, our government is busy bringing this country (the Netherlands) to bankruptcy.
Does anyone even understand why the banks are being bailed out, and not the people? The latter would be a million times more productive: the people would have money and would buy stuff, the economy would be thriving, the tax would feed the government enough to keep going and everyone would be happy. Any other business that is doing such a lousy job, would just go bankrupt, not the banks. With what justification? And it is not just money, it is literally a matter of life and death.
A grim picture? Sure. In some new age circles it is softly referred to as the "Great Harvesting of Souls" ... Nice. Does it help to view it that way?
The only spark I have found so far, that would be a tiny light at the end of the tunnel, is a proposal by a British group called Positive Money. Their proposal is a must see/read for everyone. In short it explains how money is being created by private banks (who fill their pockets with it) and what to do to stop this process.
As long as this is not the case, I will be posting about this again in all likelihood, as I have in a previous post. Because, while you are busy reading this, the banks are in this very moment busy plundering your account.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Eric Pearl in Amsterdam

Elegant Sunny Personalized Announcement Invitation - art by Anne Vis
Next weekend, June 8-10, Eric Pearl will be in Amsterdam.
If you haven't been to any of his events yet, I would highly recommend to go if you can.
He is a remarkable healer and gives demonstrations in public. And even if you're not that interested in healing: his story is astounding and he has a great sense of humor, so you're in for a wonderful night out!
And once you have a taste of it, you can always stay on for the weekend! :-)
On Thursday there are also yoga and animal healing workshops.

On top of this post you can see one of the new invitations I recently designed. This is a universal invitation, and as you can customize the texts, suitable for many purposes.

Obama: president of war

Ready for Take Off - art by Anne Vis
Last night the Belgian state television broadcasted a documentary on the dangers of cyber war and how vulnerable our hospitals, water systems and public transport are. In the Netherlands there was recently a threat to sabotaging the pump systems that keep the water out ... imagine what that would do!
And guess who is behind all this: mr. Nobel Prize Peace Winner Obama himself, as he ordered the attacks against Iran! Who would have thought!
It was quite mind boggling to see this confirmed in a journal no less than the New York Times and I must say I am still in shock, even though my suspicions were already there obviously.
If you love to see thrillers and read mystery books:
Read this article in Deep Journal for more scary bedtime stories. The truth is worse than any nightmare you could imagine ...
My guess is that the "conspiracy theories" have been right once again and this is a co-creation from israeli-obama hand.
I can't help but thinking about Fukushima again: as I mentioned in a previous post, this most likely was not a regular earthquake but a cyber attack and as you can see evidence is mounting ... Also watch this:

And this just at a time when all the drone attacks are flying wild and Obama has started wars now with Somalia, Yemen, the Philippines, Pakistan ... and today also the news came out that Obama wants to start a new Guantanamo in Afghanistan ...
It is really unbelievable that this is a "president" who, what seemed like just a few years back, promised peace and could all say it so well ...
And already a few months back I asked the question: should Obama hand back the Nobel Peace Prize? ... never mind ...
I am glad I found a few good news items a few days ago, we need new sources of hope ... in the continuing "story" ...
Although Tony Parsons would say: "there is no hope, this is all there is ... " :-)))
Watch one of his more recent talks:

The art on top of this article is called Ready for Take Off. (quite fitting for a change, don't you think? :-))