Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fusion in Art: surreal, vintage and steampunk

Time Flies - art by Anne Vis
Lately my art has been inspired by vintage art, as you may have seen in previous posts, and also by steampunk.
I have always been very inspired by surrealism, especially DalĂ­, and now it looks like I get a fusion of these three styles (at least for now, you never know where creativity is flowing next ... :-)))
What makes it so much fun?
Surrealism has the magic, the feeling of other worlds and new possibilities. Vintage has the wonderful quality of "feeling good", a world of peace and harmony. Not that the past has ever been like that, but somehow the vintage style is associated with these feelings. (interesting, isn't it?!) And steampunk combines the qualities of vintage with sci-fi, a world in a fascinating future, where technology plays an important role. And technology can be seen the way it was explained by Tesla in this respect. I still think Tesla is one of the most inspiring technological inventors we know of, still inspiring many people today.
Seen from an artistic point of view, the very popular and in some ways vintage style of art nouveau, also fits nicely with this medley.
Enjoy and be in peace ...

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