Friday, June 1, 2012

Obama: president of war

Ready for Take Off - art by Anne Vis
Last night the Belgian state television broadcasted a documentary on the dangers of cyber war and how vulnerable our hospitals, water systems and public transport are. In the Netherlands there was recently a threat to sabotaging the pump systems that keep the water out ... imagine what that would do!
And guess who is behind all this: mr. Nobel Prize Peace Winner Obama himself, as he ordered the attacks against Iran! Who would have thought!
It was quite mind boggling to see this confirmed in a journal no less than the New York Times and I must say I am still in shock, even though my suspicions were already there obviously.
If you love to see thrillers and read mystery books:
Read this article in Deep Journal for more scary bedtime stories. The truth is worse than any nightmare you could imagine ...
My guess is that the "conspiracy theories" have been right once again and this is a co-creation from israeli-obama hand.
I can't help but thinking about Fukushima again: as I mentioned in a previous post, this most likely was not a regular earthquake but a cyber attack and as you can see evidence is mounting ... Also watch this:

And this just at a time when all the drone attacks are flying wild and Obama has started wars now with Somalia, Yemen, the Philippines, Pakistan ... and today also the news came out that Obama wants to start a new Guantanamo in Afghanistan ...
It is really unbelievable that this is a "president" who, what seemed like just a few years back, promised peace and could all say it so well ...
And already a few months back I asked the question: should Obama hand back the Nobel Peace Prize? ... never mind ...
I am glad I found a few good news items a few days ago, we need new sources of hope ... in the continuing "story" ...
Although Tony Parsons would say: "there is no hope, this is all there is ... " :-)))
Watch one of his more recent talks:

The art on top of this article is called Ready for Take Off. (quite fitting for a change, don't you think? :-))

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