Saturday, July 28, 2012

Obama and Peace (again)

Heartfelt Thank You Sticker - art by Anne Vis
Thank you, Obama, for giving the israeli warlords another $70m ... I'm sure those kids in the US who don't have proper housing or food any more will thank you for this generous action in their name ... :-(
And then consider that the israelis are actually the US' most dangerous enemy. Read this article about the elaborate israeli espionage activities. The israelis are famous for their spying on governments and airports and such, where they have their so called "security devices". Not to mention nuclear facilities. (also read another previous post about Obama)
It was interesting to see a billboard with this:
comparison between Obama and the suspected Colorado shooter, Holmes.
Indeed wondering how long that will live ...
Just some items from the news in just one day ... what a world!
I find it very worrisome that Obama now only focuses on keeping the power, instead of being focused on what is in the interest of the nation. Is that the "Change" he appeared to be so full of just a few years ago? Looks like a lot more of the same old crap to me.
What went so wrong with Obama, what on earth happened that we got so cheated? It was of course already a bad start when he appointed an israeli warlord as chief of staff to begin with. Was he threatened, or was his family blackmailed? Or was this a plan that was in existence all along and were we deliberately misled?
And what does the New Age movement have to say about all this? Is the silence the result of them being so ecstatic about Obama when he came to power and now seeing his policies extending along the lines of Cheney? Or was all the fuss about 2012 about the death of dreams?
That would bring us back to enlightenment: this is all there is. It's just amazing, isn't it?

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