Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Higgs Particle and Healing

Dutch historic countryside - photography by Anne Vis
It ain't easy for a Photoshop addict to have to live without now for several weeks. My computer crashed and I have a lot of trouble getting my programs to work again. Delivery of a new Photoshop is weeks late ... :-(
Not sure if it will ever arrive ...
Anyway, it is very hot here now, so maybe too warm to worry.
What was really fun was that Tony Parsons was back in Amsterdam this past weekend, which, as on previous occasions, I thoroughly enjoyed.
Tony also said something about the Higgs particle that I found interesting. In my view it was actually referring to another theory which has been around for a long time, which is that a particle can be a wave as well. And where science says that this is an alternating situation, being either particle OR wave, Tony says, it is a wave AND a particle simultaneously. He referred to the Higgs with it being and NOT-being at the same time. This is congruent with what he says about "it is both real and not real" (referring to our daily lives, the floor, the chair you are sitting on and so on ...).
This is also relevant to several healing practices that use this theory of "being in a particle or wave state". Other healing modalities, like Vortexhealing®, state that a healer needs to be "enlightened" in order to be a good healer. It may certainly add to any healing practice if there is a realization that includes particle and wave simultaneously, but of course Tony would say "there is no enlightened healer" :-))). So that brings the entire discussion back to where it started. Of course any "healing" would fall into the category "story" anyway ...
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