Saturday, August 25, 2012

Google or Bing? Easy!

Elegant Floral Wedding Table Seating Card - art by Anne Vis
The fact that you are here watching this post may very well have to do with you using Google as search engine.
I recently survived a fatal computer crash (more or less) and had to buy a new computer. To my horror Bing was installed as default search engine, which suggests that it is now becoming the standard browser (at least in the Netherlands as far as I know). It takes a lot of effort to kick it out if you want to use Google again.
Personally this may mean the end of my business. I get zero hits from Bing.
And then I mean: absolutely ZERO.
Bing does not have Blogger as integrated system, which may also mean that blog posts may not be found when you're on Bing. But also when I type in "Anne Vis" you would expect to come up first in searches. No ... Bing can't find it!
Also the image search is downright lousy in Bing (although I must say that it is also in Google very limited). Anyway, Bing can't find more than 12 images on my blog, which of course has tons of images (I am referring now to my other blog: ... :-(
From what I understand Bing uses Facebook ... That's not going to help: the favorite ads that Facebook uses on my page are ads for cat food and XXX large size bras ... You can easily understand that that is going nowhere ... :-))) (especially since Facebook says they are using the data you enter there ... ?)
Needless to say that Bing and I got off on a really bad start ...
And thank you for using Google if you did not come by direct link ... :-)

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