Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dutch Masterpainters in the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam

Une rĂªverie - dreamy fantasy art by Anne Vis
The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam has now also re-opened it's doors after a renovation. Contrary to the awful new and renovated museums elsewhere in Amsterdam (like the Museum of Modern Art, which I described earlier), this renovation looks professional and in style.
Hence my visit to this museum had a quite different mood. First of all I guess I have to say that I am not really a museum go-er. I prefer to do stuff, like creating my own art and you can find me rarely in a museum.
All the more a pleasant and very interesting experience to find so many old Dutch masters in the Maritime Museum. It is just amazing with how much detail and know-how these ships were built (yes, the topic of all paintings is the ocean and ships!) and also the outstanding skills of the painters. I just love the way they used light. Lighting is key to me ...
There is also an awesome collection of art that was used to decorate the ships as well as globes (dimly lit, probably for conservation reasons, but it made me long for a torch ...).
The next museum re-opening it's doors will be the National Museum, which is scheduled for April next year. This is a great museum (and from the previews on local tv, will also have a stylish renovation), so I would not mind having a peek there as well ... stay tuned! :-)

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