Saturday, October 27, 2012

Elections and Peace

I vote for love - bumpersticker art by Anne Vis
While in the US a lot of people are focused on the economy with regards to the election, in the rest of the world most people want to know if there will be peace or not ...
What are the chances of finding peace, especially with Iran?
Obama and his israeli "friends" have already started a war with Iran, with insane sanctions that are hurting the ordinary people in Iran as well as ordinary people in other countries. Not to mention the Stuxnet attack of course, which is now causing a major threat to all other nuclear reactors worldwide (just in the Dutch news this past week, there are numerous attacks in cyberworld, now especially targeting the nuclear reactors. Thanks Obama!)
And this week the brutal attack in Sudan (looks like the American tax payer could also pick up the bill for that one ...) ... happily ignored by all mainstream media as far as I have seen ...

There will also be elections in the israeli territories, so I don't know if that will influence the path ahead. And Romney so far seems to be a free radical, although his talk about his israeli "friends" is not very promising (or just election rhetoric?).
One thing is sure: from what Obama has shown so far, if he is re-elected all the wars (and he started many!) will continue.
I am glad that I don't have to vote this time and probably wouldn't either ... I vote for love and peace ... :-)

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