Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Wedding Trends

Romantic Wedding Invitation - dreamy fantasy art by Anne Vis
If you were following my latest artistic endeavors, you may have noticed that I have been working hard on creating new lines of romantic wedding gifts and products, like invitation cards and other stationery needed for a wedding party or gift items, nice to present to a couple and congratulate them with their wedding.
So far so good. Then I just read today that in the Netherlands people are now in general seeing a marriage as a business proposal and they go to a government desk just to get the official paper for their wedding. Nothing romantic, no party.
And as I am creating these beautiful romantic items for a couple about to tie the knot, I am pondering about the "meaning" of a wedding, if there is one. One view is that marriage is oftentimes ending up as some sort of prison, where the partners are limiting each other and the marriage feels like a trap.
This is also reflected in the reactions in the newspaper to this new trend in wedding: people get married with already at the back of their mind the option of a divorce.
In my designs I want to create something else.
I think what is really important about marriage is to be partners who stimulate and enjoy each other, who love, share and have fun ... and yes, support each other when the times are tough ... still in mind the expansion and dance ...
I want to bring back that magic in the wedding, the dream, the fairy tale ...
Soft floating angel wings and that magic connection, the understanding without words ...

You can see this is a process. Yes, I will also use some traditional symbols, like the rose or the love birds. And I just figured out that the boat, which is a traditional symbol for a Dutch wedding (yes, seafaring nation and all that ... :-))) is not used in the US for instance. Traditions are so different in every region. But one thing will remain: love unites. And let's make it colorful and vibrantly alive!

P.S. The image above is not published in a new line (yet), but you can already see previous wedding designs on Sunny Sites Design website.

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