Thursday, October 4, 2012

World Animal Day: focus on animals

Snow Cat Christmas Ornament - art by Anne Vis
It's finally arrived again: World Animal Day! :-)
Of course I would rather think of every day as World Animal Day, but some of us seem to have other thoughts about that ...
So just for the fun of it, I looked at how animals are portrayed in the news, just this month, and found some rather interesting stuff:
New Fanged Dwarf Dinosaur Found—"Would Be Nice Pet"
'Green Brain' Project to Create an Autonomous Flying Robot With a Honey Bee Brain
And what to think of this one:
Oregon farmer eaten by pigs
And I really did not have to spend a lot of time at all to find these ... food for thought, huh ... :-) (Uhm, yes, the pigs obviously thought differently about that ...)

Since my muse Knor left, the cat art has become more erratic and sporadic, but above you can see the latest with snow cats stealing the show! You can replace the cats with your own picture to make it more personal.
Also, I am currently spending an awful lot of time expanding and updating my art site, to represent all lines of products and gifts with my individual designs. There are about 5000 unique items in my stores now, adding more every day, so you can see this is a sheer impossible project, which you can find here: Sunny Sites.
Meantime: Happy World Animal Day!

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