Sunday, December 30, 2012

Health breakthrough - for eyes and teeth!

Customizable photo frame calendar magnet for 2013 - art by Anne Vis
While around me Amsterdam is doing it's "New Year thing" (involving constant sirens of ambulance and police, gangs walking around with hand grenades, heavy explosions, and yesterday the killing of a couple of people around the corner from where I live), I try to keep my sanity. I have never understood the "fun" of war and probably never will.
But at least we survived all the doom prophecies and now is time to think ahead and look at what positive light sparks may be ahead ...
The good news is coming from Russia this time and for all of us with impaired eye sight or in need of dental treatment (I guess we are now covering the entire population). For eyes there are now eye drops that rejuvenate the eye and eliminate short sightedness or myopia, glaucoma and age related macula degeneration. For your dental treatment the new laser developments are at a standard that makes them suitable for surgery and the talks we have heard for years about the pain free laser treatments for the hard tissues seem to become reality now. Yeah!!!
Watch this:

And if you do not have time or are not in the mood, you can find out some more information about eye treatment here. It looks like for now we need to go to Russia to get this medication though ... maybe a new adventurous holiday?
We could do with a break! :-)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fitter and leaner in just 3 minutes a week?

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Are you thinking about "New Year resolutions"?
If so, you're probably going to be interested in today's post, as I would like to share with you some stuff that might help you to improve your health and weight.
It's not new, but by now there is more research about two methods that were discussed in Horizon in February 2012 and as shown on the Belgian tv this past week (talking about timing!). And also if you don't do New Years resolutions, like myself, a way to get in better shape and have more energy without much effort(!) is always worth while.
So here is what was discussed:
HIT - high intensity training, with sometimes an added "i" for interval.
Working out as much as you can for about 20 seconds (for instance on hometrainer), followed by 1 minute break, repeated three times.
NEAT - Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis
This basically is about all the movement that is not considered sports that you do on any given day. It means that if you move in small ways, standing up more often, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you can burn a great many more calories and lose weight.
I'm not an expert, so I am going to share some links with you:
What is interesting about this, is that it lowers the amount of fat that is in your blood, which in theory reduces the risk to get a heart attack or stroke and possibly also the risk to get diabetes.