Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Should Obama hand back the Nobel Peace Prize?

Peace magnet - art by Anne Vis
The moment Obama took office and appointed israeli warlord Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff, I knew we were fooled: nothing was going to change ...
On the contrary: military actions have gone up, as has the budget for military spending, just to name a few ... Where is the peace?
The Nobel Peace Prize? I noticed that an increasing number of people is wondering if he should actually hand it back. Mission failed: sweet rethoric does not accomplish peace when accompanied by war actions.
He got the prize on promises, the dream of Change ... And now?
Read what Bruce Dixon writes about this and then I'd like to hear what you think:
Should Obama hand back the Nobel Peace Price?
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Outsourcing no more?

Flower Power Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
Yes, you are seeing it right: this beautiful bag is actually handmade in ... San Francisco, CA, USA!!!
Of course I could not resist to put a very "Flower Power" image on it, just to tease ... but the fact is: this is a major accomplishment in the times of outsourcing. Especially in San Francisco, known as an expensive city.
But San Francisco is of course also the place where all new initiatives spark and where all great changes in our world are inspired ...
Zazzle, the print-on-demand company, that is now the main site with whom I publish new art to decorate every day products, has made a deal with a local company to accomplish this. Zazzle is also from the San Francisco Bay Area, I would almost say ... of course! :-)
I have already put quite a few new bags in annevisdesign, online art store, they will be created once they are ordered, as print on demand.
I'd like to show some more here, just because I am so enthusiastic about them myself :-):
Original Art Messenger Bag - art by Anne VisRetro Romantic Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
Rainbow Palette Messenger Bag - art by Anne VisFun Art Deco Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
Ocean Dream Messenger Bag - art by Anne VisMexican Floral Messenger Bag - art by Anne Vis
A lot of fun, as you can see! I also like that you can add text to it. Zazzle has many options to choose from with regards to font and color of the text, so that it is possible to completely follow your own preferences.
This is just a selection of the bags available, see annevisdesign for more choices!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Art of Travel

The Visitor - magical fantasy travel - art by Anne Vis
My own expertise would be travel through the realms of fantasy, surrealism and magic, but I also like to watch travel documentaries.
It is interesting to see how the topic and approach between some countries in Europe differ when it comes to travel.
The Dutch for instance have as main focus the trade: they promote countries with a (supposedly) sexy presenter who has the adventurous look.
Then you have on the other end the research documentary into the evil on the planet, like what Shell is doing in Nigeria.
The French have an altogether different approach and like to take France and the history of France as their starting point and then like to focus on architectural accomplishments. They can have a documentary for instance on the effects of the arrival of the French in some place on the buildings. Or follow the craftsmen who manufacture details involving the construction of the French cathedrals.
And then the British. I think they probably invented the travel documentary. Starting with Michael Palin to put it permanently on the map. But he was followed by many other great travel reporters. Their strong point is that they are telling a story. It is not just about travel, but there is always a story to get you involved with local people, habits, culture and history. And then I am not even talking about the impressive accomplishments of the travel discovering wildlife all over the planet, which has been made famous by sir David Attenborough. (I haven't quite figured out yet why the Dutch version of Frozen Planet does not have his voice in it any more ...) An area where the Frenchman Jacques Cousteau with his oceanic discoveries cannot be left unmentioned.
One of the reasons I am so happy that all these people show their travels, is that it means that I don't necessarily have to endure the mosquitoes, heat, cold, danger and other uncomfortable stuff, yet still get a chance to see it ... :-)
Neil Oliver, presenter of the Last Explorers, talks about this in an interview on the Stirling Observer. I think it is already the last show that is on BBC 2 tonight.
I only saw the last one about Livingstone in the Zambezi area in Africa ... adventures indeed!

Friday, January 27, 2012

New: everything cats!

I'm the boss cat mug - cat art by Anne Vis
I just opened a new store on Zazzle with a "just cats" theme! It's called Anne's Cats! :-)
(how original! :-))
You can find some beautiful classic best selling items like the "I'm the BOSS" cat mug above and this cat sympathy card:
Sympathy cat card - cat art by Anne Vis
and also brand new cat products, like this hot chocolate cat mug:
Hot chocolate cats mug - cat art by Anne Vis
and this adorable baby knor button:
Baby kitten button - cat art by Anne Vis
You can see all at Anne's Cats.
Keep posted as new products are being added! :-)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

God Rules

fantasy star flowers iPad case - art by Anne Vis
Geert Wilders is a flamboyant character in the theatre play we call politics in the Netherlands. He is squarely against islam and would love to see it abolished entirely probably. His most bold move in this direction has been a proposal to forbid the koran.
With "Mein Kampf" forbidden and a law that says that you are not allowed to not belief the holocaust story, the situation here is comparable to what is happening in France now with the Kurdish genocide law. In a state where the government tells you which books you can read and what are or are not allowed to think, we can say we have a totalitarian regime, not something called a democracy.
Wilders is a fervent fan of the israelis and puts their interests above those of the Dutch people.
So we are not surprised, yet totally appalled, to see an israeli busline operating in the Netherlands now that in the israeli territories employs an Apartheid regime.
The israelis have made headlines lately too because young girls don't dare to go to school any more out of fear of being lynched. (Did it sound to you too like the Taliban enforcing a burka?)
And the other day a woman just barely survived an assault by a group of religious jewish terrorists, which did not make as many headlines as the schoolgirl news apparently.
Whichever way you look at this, it is bad news for women ... again.
I spoke with a Anja Meulenbelt the other day. She used to be one of the most prominent fighters for women's rights in the seventies. I was surprised to hear that she just shrugged at my question about the women's rights situation now in the Netherlands. "Well, at my age you are not interested in sunbathing topless in the park any more ..." is what she said.
No, I understand that, but this is of course about so much more ...
Not only governments and finances are interwoven and make a complex network, but also the different topics are not so easy to separate any more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fingerprint of God

mandala fractal art on a MacBook - art by Anne Vis
Last night National Geographic showed a documentary on fractals on the Dutch tv, which will be repeated this Friday. It seems like fractals are hot these days! And they are present in everything in nature. Outside of nature I think it depends on what you look at. The documentary made it seem like everything we create follows these patterns, even the patterns on the planet where a disease breaks out or certain weather patterns. I am not entirely convinced. Look at for instance contemporary architecture: the golden rule has long been lost. The golden rule in architecture creates dimensions that equal those in nature and makes that a building looks harmonious to us.
If you do not get a chance to watch National Geographic, you may like to check out this YouTube movie, ironically called "The fingerprint of God" :-)

A great explanation, but what do you think of the conclusion? :-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not in my name!

love kittens - original art by Anne Vis on products in every day life
The EU sanctions against Iran are an act of war against the Iranian people and are not in the interest of the people in Europe.

What if the warmongers are calling us to start another war and nobody is showing up?
It's now on the oil companies to collectively ignore the EU regulations: it goes against the premises of free trade as well, so somewhere there must be a legal clause to do that. Yet they probably prefer just raising the prices without having to do anything to earn it ... how long will we continue to pay for this crap?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Architecture and the art of healing

Happy Knor cat greeting card by Anne Vis
I love BBC documentaries and Coast is one of them, although I haven't seen many episodes. It is about the British coast, which is absolutely awesome in my view. This episode was about the historical development of the buildings and structures along the coast. How many of the landmarks have disappeared.
It reminded me of that beautiful coastal town on the other side of the world: San Francisco.
There too the phenomenal landmarks have disappeared:
San Francisco Cliff House
This is a picture of the Cliff House in San Francisco, about a century ago, a striking building with many beautiful details. If you go there today, the new building does not have any charm and you may even pass it without noticing.
So why am I talking about these changes?
Most of you will know about the research of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto on the structure of water. How the water crystals become more harmonious and beautiful in environments of high energy and loving thoughts.
In the presence of negative energies the entropy increases and the water crystals become chaotic in structure.

So how could the state of architecture today and compared to a century ago, be seen in the light of dr. Emoto's research?
We know how the structure of a building can influence how we feel and even what we are thinking(!!!). It is for instance known that a higher ceiling enables more "thinking outside the box" than a lower ceiling, which is more conducive to practical every day solutions. Beauty is not just a superficial thing for the vain and rich as every artist can tell you: there is something in the soul that relaxes and expands in the presence of beauty and that includes the beauty of the environment and buildings.
But could it be that we can also turn this around and say that as a collective, our energies influence the shape of the buildings we create?
And then: that our energy is vibrating on a level much lower than a century ago and creates the ugly structures around us ...?
Could it be that all new age talk about rising frequencies is just not in alignment with reality?
Is it surprising that our children are turning to virtual reality to find old castles and all the stuff from fairy tales?
Maybe one day the 3D printers can print new buildings and we can create once again the magical structures that are part of our collective (sub)consciousness and that we do need for healing and well being.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love is in the air ...

Valentine's Day art card by Anne Vis
An artist is always kind of "off" when it comes to timing of events. The season for Valentine's Day is already long on it's way, whereas of course the day itself is still weeks away. For myself it means being "immersed in the energies" ... and who does not want to float in an ocean of love? The associations are still pink, sweet, and floral ... and having a new style this year with fractal art.
Also new this year is an anti-Valentine's Day card: I named it "Barbed wire heart Valentine card" ... :-)
Anti-Valentine's Day art card by Anne Vis
Most of my cards however have the sweetness and love of the traditional Valentine's Day cards:
Valentine's Day art card by Anne Vis
This is a traditional "love birds card" ...
Find more new cards on Sunny Sites Online Art Store, there are quite a few new ones already ... more coming! ;-)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fractals ... and more fractals!

Fractals are derived from mathematical formulas in nature, like the structure of a leaf for instance. The way they can be used in art offers a sheer endless amount of possibilities, some of the main categories I would like to point out today.
I chose some iPad designs I recently created as this allows for a good view of the fractal. The designs are actually available on entire series of different products.
The first category is a flower fractal. This is like going back to the roots of the fractal, and create natural forms all over again. Being with the fractal flowers can be like a walk through an exotic garden on a different planet. The fractal flowers can have very exotic shapes or colors, but that is where the freedom of the artist comes in:
fractal flower art by Anne Vis
The second category is the free art: a fractal that is composed of different layers and can not, or only partially, be led back to its source. It's the freeform fractal.
This is a beautiful example of a "wild fractal":
wild fractal art by Anne Vis
The third category is a mandala type fractal
This is a regular fractal, but it has a kaleidoscope effect applied to it, which gives it a meditative aspect. Like the other fractals, it can be healing just to watch them and be with them.
Here is an example of a mandala fractal on an iPad case:
wild fractal art by Anne Vis
The last category of fractal design that I would like to point out today is probably the most famous type of fractal: the spiral fractal. These fractals seem to be spiraling around a center and can be very mesmerizing. The spiral fractal is usually also very energizing and has an uplifting effect.
A good example is this spiral fractal on an iPad case:
spiral fractal art by Anne Vis
This is just a selection, I'm sure I will get back to it later, as I am currently completely addicted to creating this stuff :-) So I have to keep adding new categories along the way ... (this may lead to some of the links not working when you visit; you can then always go back to the main site: annevisdesign).
As you can see the variety is endless and so is the energetic effect of each different design. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Playing God?

It's interesting to see how this "God person" keeps popping up lately ... :-)
BBC has a great start of this year with quite a few documentaries on new science and last night I watched Horizon on synthetic biology. (here's a short compilation of information on synthetic biology).
As with physics, I also don't have the "biology chip" installed, so finding that nowadays goats can produce milk that can then be turned into silk is quite mindboggling to me!
As with the latest physics, this is also really exciting science though, also because of implications for health care ... and we still go for making the blind see again and the lame walk, right?
But even this invention to have goats produce milk to create silk is nice, as now the caterpillars are dying as a result of the production of silk. And now thanks to our friend spider new options are opening ... (nice to see spiders from a friendly angle too!)
And if this new technique can also create diesel, why not have it create entirely environment-friendly new energy?
I watched this video by professor Jamie Davies of Edinburgh University:

It also goes into the developments of children and people from all walks of life going into this field in backyards, garages and kitchens, like in Sunnyvale. It's called biocurious (this should be one of the websites, I can't check it today as it is on strike against the censorship of the web by US government; my own sites are also on strike!).
I feel quite silly that I wasn't aware of all these new and exciting developments before, so it's time to catch up!
Here's a video on synthetic neurobiology:

I could not find any backyard projects in Amsterdam, but here is a link to the international competitions that Jamie Davies was referring to.
Yes, this stuff will stir up the ancient ethical questions ... but as long as we have israelis creating nuclear explosions in Japan ... do we really want to stop all new developments ...?
And as you can see in the illustration at the top of this post, synthetic biology must have been on the back of my mind all along ...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Is God stupid?

Biologist Richard Dawkins is visiting the Netherlands and apparently has the status of "pop idol" or "rock star" according to some news programs.
To tell you the truth I had never heard of him before, but that has changed this evening as I have been watching quite a few YouTube movies.
As a former dentist, my training during the first 3 years was almost identical as that for doctors and thus evolution was a part of it and also it's supposed relationship to embryology. I remember not believing one word of it, it just did not make sense to me.
Of course I was the only one.
But in the last couple of years I have found an increasing number of people not believing in the evolution theory, but then based on religious convictions.
Which in my humble opinion is just as unconvincing.
So here are some of the movies I watched, just to get you warmed up on the topic:

And of course the most convincing one:

What is interesting in this is also the timing: Richard Dawkins makes a joke about politics, wondering if when there are so many politicians in the US who are religious, there are any who are actually not stupid ... ? :-)
Good question.
Could it be that none of these theories is true, despite so called "evidence" in favor of either of them?
I find them actually flying in the face of the latest findings in physics.
One of them of course being the theories of Stephen Hawking about what happened before the "Big Bang". I guess I am the ultimate skeptic, because I do not even believe in a "Big Bang". But also the latest research which is showing that matter can actually spontaneously appear, goes against a theory that says that everything is created from something that was "before". What if time is an illusion? Then there is no "before" and the entire evolution theory falls flat on it's face, God or no God ...
Of course I am very fascinated with what Tony Parsons has to say lately and he thinks the whole thing is an illusion, it is "what appears to be happening and is both real and unreal" ... what do you do with that?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My first political cartoon! :-)

Uhm, yes ... I was so upset that netanyahu is coming to the Netherlands and our stupid government is receiving him as a king, that I was looking for other ways to protest ... and thus the cartoon was born, despite my lack of drawing skills ... :-)
There are two protests on Thursday January 19 in the Hague, at 9:45 AM. One on Plein and one on Buitenhof.
In case you are not familiar with Amsterdam Bijlmermeer: this was the area where an ElAl boing crashed in 1992 while it was carrying chemical weapons from New York to the israeli territories via Amsterdam. The politicians who were involved have all been lying in parliamentary inquiries (under oath) and never been prosecuted. Like also the israelis keep getting away with their crimes (so far).
And yes, the Iranian nuclear scientist is dead now, nobody can bring him back ... My condolences to family and loved ones of all victims of crimes ...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The influence of science on art

The most famous example of the influence of science on art is probably expressed by one of the most inspiring artists all times: Salvador DalĂ­.
It is well known that he read all the articles in scientific literature, especially about the discoveries of Einstein. The fluid clocks are such a beautiful example of how he found form for his insights.
And one of the most used examples of scientific influence on art is fractal art, originally derived from discoveries in mathematics. And yes, for a change I have found an image that fits the text :-): a postcard with one of my latest flower fractals. Which in itself is also quite interesting. The formulas for fractals are derived from nature (for instance the structure of a leaf). And although fractals as expressed art can look quite clinical, there are also many fractals that regain that floral quality.
And now we have the Higgs particle in physics. The "God particle".
Let me tell you that all the excitement is not just in the world of physics and technical sciences, but that I am also really curious to see how this will play out in art. The BBC just broadcasted another program on the discovery (or not) of this particle and also mentioned the super symmetry, which plays a role in the matter/anti-matter theory. In art we look at composition and the subject of symmetry and balance is very important.
We don't know how new discoveries will affect our daily life yet, but it looks like this one is going to be big.
In "new age" theories many people have been predicting the arrival of new colors. With our planet moving through the Photon belt and all new energy frequencies, this idea is not so far out. The question may need to be if our eyes will be able to pick up on it, or that we need to be looking at expanding the range of frequencies that the human eye can read. Maybe the new colors are already here, but we do not see them yet!
New food for healing and the health care profession as well!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unbelievable or True?

Imagine the theatre of life and find yourself looking at the scene in Japan in March 2011. The media say there has been an earthquake ... Read this article and let me know if you still believe this story ... or maybe not?
Now shift to the scene in Oslo, Norway, summer 2011 ... a massive attack on children. Supposedly done by "one idiot" who was operating alone. Or was he?
Back to Mumbai, India ... supposedly an attack by Pakistani ... or was it?
Further back in time: London, 2007. New York, 2001.
Al Qaida? Do you still believe that?

One thing that should be important in investigating the truth of something is if the supposed "killer" has a motive. It is also helpful to have a psychological picture of how this person/organization works.
And to listen to what they are telling us.
So to put the dots together we see a line of events that lead to one source.
Why do the media not tell us the truth: blackmail? Or do we only need to look at who actually owns the media?

Let's turn to the Dutch situation.
Everybody is screaming murder about Geert Wilders.
Supposedly because he is a populist.
Which is of course not the main reason why he would pose a danger to Dutch society.
The real danger is that he is sponsored by the zionists and he does not make that a secret, openly telling us that the israeli territory interests prevail above the interests of the Dutch people. (how crazy is that and which other country does that make you think of?!!!)
The security at Amsterdam airport is done by israelis, of whom it is well known that they build in spyware in any technical equipment that leaves their territories. Why was anyone surprised by the so called "underwear bomber", who was obviously put deliberately on the plane by the israeli "security forces"?
Also the "security" in the government buildings are done by israeli companies.
These are all well known facts.
Now back to Fukushima, because that is a much bigger step.
Who has the motive?
Obviously if it is true that Iran got its uranium from Japan ... who would get really pissed off?
Who had the means to do this? Look at who was in charge of the "security" of the Japanese nuclear plants ...
Other known facts: the "viruses" (also called Stuxnet) in the Iranian nuclear facilities.
Of course after one of the first rulers of the israeli territories, Golda Meir, said that they wanted to rule the entire world and if that would not succeed they would take all of us down with them ... a human is warned, wouldn't you agree?

As it unfolds, the plot of this entire drama (we cannot call it a comic play at this stage any more ...) becomes clearer and clearer.
Jim Stone just today shed some more light on this. This in case you wondered why every time the cameras of CNN are supposed to turn to Ron Paul, there seems to be a "connection problem". Even the Dutch media, at the time when Ron Paul was second in the polls, did give a profile of all the candidates except for Ron Paul ... What is that about? How ridiculous does this get?
And don't believe that because nobody talks about Fukushima any more, there is no more danger ... it is still leaking tremendous amounts of nuclear waste ... and no, it does not stay just in Japan, it is here too ... And no, the regular media and government agencies will not publish any real data. (remember how the EU simply raised the safety norm after the Fukushima incident so that it would be called "safe" no matter what?)
In the new age scenes I have lately heard people warning about 7th dimensional beings with evil intentions. I tell you:  as long as we have the israelis, we have nothing to fear from 7th dimensional beings ...
Have a safe and happy 2012!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nature's surprises

For the last six months I have seen regular messages about unrest near the Katla volcano in Iceland. Some experts said it was bound to erupt as it has erupted in the past closely after that other famous volcano with the unspeakable name in Iceland.
This is a beautiful movie that I would like to share here ... watch till the end to see the wild horses!

This is a link to the webcams on Iceland:

P.S. You probably got that I put an image of a sweet and comforting teddy bear there for you on purpose ... :-)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a fabulous 2012 in excellent health and full of joy, inspiration and love!
If you are looking for new inspirations for this coming year, you may want to check out my lens Inspiring Art where you can find lots of ways to get inspired, and you know that inspiration does not just apply to art, but to everything in life, is it our relationships, the way we create our jobs, literally everything! Vibrant aliveness expressing itself in a multitude of ways!
As you can see I have tons of inspiration in fractal art work recently, so the rainbow color fractal you see on a binder here, is just one of many! You can see my latest fractals on annevisdesign , my newest online store. Thinking of fractals, how they are actually based on the mathematics of for instance a leaf ... straight from nature!
Pure magic!