Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Every Day Earth Day

Bee postage - art by Anne Vis
With just a few weeks to go to Earth Day, the spring weather is helping to feel more connected to nature. And I find it very interesting and joyful to see that animal life is thriving in the city. Last year fishermen found a huge eel in the canal in Amsterdam in my neighborhood. It had the size of my leg! And this year the bee keepers have installed their hives on top of the Central Theatre on the Leidsesquare to create "city honey".
The theory is that the variety in nature in the city is larger than in rural areas and also the plants have less pesticides and other chemicals. This latter argument is questionable as there is a lot of pollution in Amsterdam by all the major building and construction projects, scooters and of course the petro-chemical industry, which is right around the corner.
However, it is a wonderful project and we are all looking forward to see the bee hives thrive and the bees create delicious honey!
Have a great spring!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Santorum: the Anti-Christ?

Inspiring Quote Cork Coaster - art and text by Anne Vis
Can anybody please explain to me what the difference is between the Taliban and Rick Santorum? And what exactly is "pro-life" about sending young kids to war?
It is almost surreal to watch the corrupt circus of the US "elections" (did anyone mention it is supposedly called "democracy"?)
I was so relieved to watch Anjelica Huston on CNN voicing all the things that have been on my mind for a while. Not only the women's rights, which are rapidly flowing down the drain, but also animals rights. It breaks my heart to see the sweating or freezing horses on the Dam in Amsterdam standing there, day in day out, bored to death and abused by many of the people who run them.
Sometimes I wonder what Jesus would do would he be alive in this day. He did not give me the impression of having an attitude of "holier than thou", but radically threw the merchants out of the temple and in this day probably the Santorum guy as well ... ?
On another note: how do you like the illustration I found for today's post (knowing they usually don't match the text)? I must say that I first had a text of Martin Luther King, but then got an email from Zazzle that the Martin Luther King organization had contacted them for copyright infringement (? you would think they would be pleased that the message is spread, but no ...) So I made up my own text (one can never be sure of course if somebody else also came up with these words, I am obviously not so at home in the world of "quotes"). It is just as example, as I thought it would go well with the design, and the text is customizable. Thank you buyer who bought it "as is", with an original "Anne Vis Quote" ... :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dutch media call for sponsors insurgence in Syria

Futuristic Sci Fi Notebook - art by Anne Vis
I've barely been able to watch the news coming from Syria: it is just too awful.
And I kept having that strange feeling that something was not right about the media coverage, I just could not imagine it to be true.
Bashir al Assad has said from the beginning that it was western intervention.
And it seems that he has a point.
Last night the Dutch media openly called for sponsors to support the "rebels" ... Bringing it as something that might not be the best, because they could buy weapons (?!) (talking hypocrisy ...), but nevertheless: all the information and a great propaganda stunt.
It seems that the worst scenario that can happen to any country is the west coming in for a "regime change" and bringing "democracy" (of course without consulting the population, oh irony ...)
For an average person it is these days almost impossible to get a clear view of what is going on. I just want the people of Syria to know that I love them and whatever my government is doing to harm Syria is not in my name and I wish them peace, good health and happiness ...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Portrait painting vintage style

Portrait of a Lady - art by Anne Vis
A while back I posted the story of a "pimped" window model and today I would like to present a portrait that was originally done by François Gérard (1770-1837) and that I "pimped" or modified or whatever you would like to call it.
Here is what I started out with:
Portrait of a Lady - by François Gérard
When I set out, one of my objectives was to create a "vintage style" portrait that would not be an exact copy of what Gérard had done, in other words: give it a bit of my own style. One of the things that I began with, was altering the mouth. I wanted to give her a different facial expression and look somewhat more happy. For some reason blue eyes also create that effect in a setting like this (which is probably because it creates more contrast). So I made "new eyes". The veil was one of the beautiful details that I left almost "as is" as you can see: I added a hat, to make it a bit more kinky ... :-)
Of course it was a beautiful painting to begin with, so in that respect quite a challenge!
I hope you enjoy the result!