Saturday, August 25, 2012

Google or Bing? Easy!

Elegant Floral Wedding Table Seating Card - art by Anne Vis
The fact that you are here watching this post may very well have to do with you using Google as search engine.
I recently survived a fatal computer crash (more or less) and had to buy a new computer. To my horror Bing was installed as default search engine, which suggests that it is now becoming the standard browser (at least in the Netherlands as far as I know). It takes a lot of effort to kick it out if you want to use Google again.
Personally this may mean the end of my business. I get zero hits from Bing.
And then I mean: absolutely ZERO.
Bing does not have Blogger as integrated system, which may also mean that blog posts may not be found when you're on Bing. But also when I type in "Anne Vis" you would expect to come up first in searches. No ... Bing can't find it!
Also the image search is downright lousy in Bing (although I must say that it is also in Google very limited). Anyway, Bing can't find more than 12 images on my blog, which of course has tons of images (I am referring now to my other blog: ... :-(
From what I understand Bing uses Facebook ... That's not going to help: the favorite ads that Facebook uses on my page are ads for cat food and XXX large size bras ... You can easily understand that that is going nowhere ... :-))) (especially since Facebook says they are using the data you enter there ... ?)
Needless to say that Bing and I got off on a really bad start ...
And thank you for using Google if you did not come by direct link ... :-)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Election Without Choice

Elegant Floral Wedding Invitation - art by Anne Vis
You are probably wondering how the title of this post relates to the image. I'll tell you. This is how I keep my sanity in a world that seems completely crazy ... creating beauty and sending angel wishes to those of us dreaming about a happy future ...

So now that we got that clarified, let's explore what is going on with all these elections. In the US we have been talking about it for what seems forever and we still have to wait till November before anything becomes clear.
In the Netherlands on the other hand, the elections are in a few weeks, and barely anybody has started talking about it ... politicians just yesterday returned from the beach ... So my conclusion would be that apparently they don't care.
Which of course fits in nicely with the general image of the Dutch: indifference.
And don't say I am not very sad about that. One starts to wonder if the entire population is drugged? Maybe the chemtrails that we see on a daily basis? (no, the stuff about the coffee shops is very exaggerated if you take the population at large into consideration).
There is not really much to choose is the experience, as in the end they all talk with each other, comfortably seal the ideals in the bin and do whatever the whim of the day dictates.
What would I like to see on the agenda that is not there?
1. A solid way to prevent the banks from creating money. The information can be found on the website of Positive Money.
And I don't think it is a good idea to stay in the Euro with the way things have been handled so far (which is a shame). The messing about has been going on way too long already ...
2. Cooperation versus competition. It was of course from the beginning a bad idea to sell out the properties of the population to greedy companies. They need to be returned to the rightful owners: the people! And: who ever thought it would work to let doctors compete? Are they out of their mind??!!!
3. Lower tax rates. "The economy" (do you also start resenting that word?) will do better, but most importantly: the PEOPLE will fare better when they are not taxed to the roof.
Just to mention a few topics ... :-)

In the US we can safely say the situation is hopeless ... If Obama manages to create a policy that has even Dick Cheney enthusiastic beyond words, what might happen if Romney wins ... better not think about it ... it is already bad enough as it is.

And now that we're at it: it looks like there are still some angelic interventions needed for Assange ...
I guess it is clear why I prefer to draw cats and create wedding invitations ... :-)
Also take a look at my art website, which is undergoing major changes and expansions currently:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The artist way

It's late for me today, but I have to share this movie. It's about finding alternatives to big corporations, a collapsing government and banking system. Basically: about how to cooperate with each other instead of compete ... finding solutions ... be creative ...
Or in other words: the artist way:
P.S. The movie is in English with Dutch subtitles. It can be shocking at times ...