Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bees and other flying creatures ...

Beeing Alive - Save the Honeybee t shirt - art by Anne Vis
This past week Dutch documentary television Zembla presented an update about the situation with regards to the bees in the Netherlands. It turns out that the government has deliberately decided to kill the bees in this country. Due to pesticides the number of bees dying in the Netherlands is the highest in Europe. The interests of farmers and others using the pesticides have prevailed over the interests of basically all of us ... shortsighted and money driven policies. Don't politicians understand that if the bees die, we all die?
Local community groups here are working hard to preserve the bee population. (link to Dutch site)

Simultaneously news has been released that another type of flying insect is on the rise: drone-like flies.
Yes, no kidding. Where Obama is internationally known for killing children in many countries with his drone attacks, now a new species of a similar kind is cluttering our skies.
It's an insect spy drone equipped with camera, DNA sampling technology and RFID tracking nano technology ...
Better get your fly swatter ready!

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