Saturday, February 2, 2013

American Spring?

Business card - art by Anne Vis
While I continue to work on new designs, currently mostly new business cards, the world around seems to be getting crazier by the minute.
Not sure what to think of this movie: Is Obama finally going to be impeached?
According to research, as it comes to Republicans in Texas, it may happen: 67% is in favor of ousting the president.
I am European and we have seen Hitler come to rise here and one of the downsides of getting older is that you see history repeat itself time and again ... very annoying really ...

From what I see around, there are a lot of people who have simply stopped following the news. This has of course long been preached by the New Age movement, as watching the news supposedly brings down "your vibrational frequencies". The downside of this is that you may follow some "sound bites" by the regular media, after which you fall asleep again and return to "business as usual" ... until the "real world" gets ahead of you.

So is there a way to know what is going on in the world, without getting depressed or lowering your "vibrational frequencies"?
I typed this question in on Google, just out of curiosity. Interestingly enough, only articles on depression came up, with just one exception: an article from 2005 pondering on the developments in time, and how in ten years time, the world would look better. So here we are ... again, hope ... leading to ...?
Another article on Forbes is even better and points out that you already may be depressed, but you just don't know it (yet): happy and blissfully ignorant? :-)
This is quite an interesting article, that also acknowledges the physical aspect of any reaction we have as humans. (chemical imbalance or physical illness having a profound impact on your life and emotions).
So far my efforts to keep sane in a crazy world (not sure to what extend this can be called successful yet ...)
Considering the large scale at which things are happing now, the reversal of corporate and government control seems to be the best bet to keep our sanity.
American spring?
It looks like every argument the US government has to over topple regimes elsewhere is now also valid for the US government: we can say that there is no functioning democracy in place and we are dealing with a gross violation of human rights, little freedom of press and we can say Obama is coming very close to dictatorship.
We have seen that those "regime changes" and introductions of "democracy" do not work out so well elsewhere though ...

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