Thursday, February 21, 2013

Banking 101

Positive Money about the banking system
Many of us are not that interested in money, but would love to see a world in which their children can play safely, everyone has a roof above their head, there is good health care, fulfilling employment for everyone, and animals, the environment and the handicapped and elderly are cared for in a loving way. I'm with you!
But in order for that to be our daily reality, a lot has to change and in my view it starts with the banking sector.
It is one thing that the general public does not understand anything of the banking system, but it is a serious problem that the politicians do not understand. Hence we need to point out to them how it really works and demand they take action to fix this.
I have been following Positive Money for quite a while now and they have a clear and insightful way of explaining this stuff:

You may also want to read this flyer by Positive Money.
After the Dutch government decided that they can easily steal the savings from handicapped people, they now think they can also put the elderly on the street or have them stay in their home without care (imagine an Alzheimer patient in their own home, forgetting that they put a kettle on and setting the whole neighborhood on fire ...). This has to stop!
Positive Money is about the UK, but I am quite positive that many of the same stuff is happening here and in the US and elsewhere as well ... Let's transform politics in a way that they are representing the people again, instead of just stealing from them ...

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