Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Morning After

Vintage Art Deco Sympathy Card - restyled art by Anne Vis
The fairy tale of the Dutch royalty continues and Amsterdam is slowly waking up ... the first cleaning teams already long on their way ...
There are some clear reasons as to why the royalty is so popular and the first is of course the fairy tale. All children love fairy tales and if you are honest: it never really goes away. This is a story of a family, living long and happily ever after. The family members appear to be loving towards each other and give the impression, and especially in the case of Beatrix and Willem Alexander, that they are very happy in their marriage.
And people like glamour and beautiful women. Had Beatrix and Máxima been ugly, the story would have been completely different ...

So far so good. The trance is so strong, that even some sobering facts do not have any effect on the enthusiasm of the people. And everyone with a different view has been safely put behind bars, in this new trend of the government to "preemptively jail potential rebels". Probably inspired by the israelis, who always kill people and then claim it was an accident.
Royalty is something inherited. Only genes count, unless, like Máxima, you marry into royalty. Which then introduces new genes in the line.
It is just too bad that the royal blood line is such a lousy one. Willem III was a cruel psychopath and also Willem Alexander's grandfather was heavily involved with criminals and to this day still "new children" are popping up from all over the world.
And in the case of Máxima, her father was a war criminal, so that does not bode very well either ...

The Spanish king was found hunting elephants, and he is not the only royalty who enjoys murdering innocent animals: our now King Willem Alexander is a member of the WNF and this does not stop him from shooting these same animals.

The royal family is also heavily involved with criminal organizations like Shell, who can even call themselves "Royal Dutch Shell". As a Dutch citizen I feel ashamed about Shell. The death and misery they spread around the world is beyond description. And for the royal family to support this, is just worse. I always wonder what the role of Shell is in the fact that the Netherlands is one of the worst countries where it comes to environment protection in Europe. The air pollution here is far worse than anywhere else in Europe.
And as always: for the average citizen this information is unavailable. And to tell you the truth: I don't get that many people in the Netherlands care ... they have their party, can wave with their flags and enjoyed the day.
I thought yesterday was a great day to update the sympathy cards ...

Here are some Dutch language links for those who actually DO want to know:
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