Friday, August 30, 2013


Exotic birds in autumn - landscape art by Anne Vis
Inspiration is a strange animal. In my case of course literally as well! ;-)
So I was working on a new wedding line with a winter theme. I imagine soft white and blues, with a bit of mauve ... romantic landscape with snowflakes ... The result is the image above. As you can see only vaguely the mauve tints are recognizable, but the end result is fall and not so romantic really ... I was even contemplating adding it to the surreal gallery as the birds became a bit exotic ... ;-)
Previous efforts to create a new wedding line ended up as vintage style retirement invitations:
Retro retirement party invitation - art by Anne Vis Elegant retro retirement party invitation - art by Anne Vis
Long story short, I finally ended up with a vineyard themed piece, after a comment from a friend that it might be nice to create something with that theme:
The vineyard - romantic landscape art by Anne Vis
As you can see I have a version without wedding rings on Imagekind.
No winter theme in sight so far ... I need to find a way to resize this square painting to also fit all weird other sizes required for an entire wedding line. Not sure yet if that will happen.
The process of creation is interesting and oftentimes "being side-tracked" can be beneficial. I think this is not only the case for art, but in all fields of life. Setting out with a goal, but being open to surprise ...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New website

New website - art by Anne Vis
It took me months, but finally it is here: my new website! It has a lot more dynamic than my previous site and also the style has been simplified. This is basically done to let it be more in alignment with the Zazzle stores through which I sell artistic gifts.
The gallery now has a thumbnail and preview style and you can play a slideshow. Open the caption to find a title and description and a link to Imagekind (if you are interested in buying).
Sometimes I think it would be nice to have, say 20 man staff ... :-)
You may also have noticed that I have made an effort to organize this blog a bit more, as my topics seem to be all over the map. That way, if you are interested in just one of the topics, you can easily find back previous posts on this issue. I haven't gone very far in the history to adjust all posts, so this will mostly apply to future posts.
So that's the news for today. Feel free to send your feedback!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let's celebrate Rainbow Day!

Abstract Eyes - original fractal art by Anne Vis

It's Gay Pride in Amsterdam today and living on a canal, I just can't miss it: boats passing by with colorful and cheerful people celebrating on dance music! I think as a straight person there is a lot to learn from gay people. One of the most obvious is how they oftentimes manage to bring color to life. Yes, I heard one of them refer to straight people as being "beige" ... :-)
Let's celebrate today the right to live as you are, to be free and gay (as in joyful ...) ... and while we're at it: let's reach for the rainbow ... it is there for all of us!