Saturday, September 28, 2013

Autumn in Amsterdam

The girl with the cat - autumn art by Anne Vis
My latest artworks seem to all have a fall or autumn theme ... well, it is that time of year so maybe that's where I am.
Halloween invitations, and new photo frame magnets are also online now.

Meantime, our local government has decided to kill off the deer in the dunes. I am just so upset that anyone can even consider killing such beautiful and delightful animals ... how can you look at yourself in the mirror after such a thing ... how can you sleep at night?
I decided to go find them while they are still there, but there were not so many as the government makes us believe and I only saw a few and from too far away to make a good picture ...
Maybe the deer already know ... and hide from people ...
Protests have not worked so far, as the government, like many governments, has the habit of ignoring what the population wants ... What's new ...?

Deer in the dunes at Zandvoort NL

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