Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is Atlantis resurfacing?

Atlantis revisited - surreal art by Anne Vis
After I created the painting you can see here, I decided to call it "Atlantis revisited", because somehow it reminded me of Atlantis. That is the interesting way art works: I first start working, and then after a while it starts to "talk" to me, followed by curious synchronicities in my life.
Even though I consider myself a "recovering New Agie", I have never been very interested in Atlantis.
Yet I did feel the need to find a healer and you already guessed: the first thing I came across was Atlantean healing, even though the word "Atlantis" was nowhere in my search keywords and I had not been looking for anything Atlantis at that point. Atlantis supposedly had a very high level of technological development and the quality of healing was supposed to be impressive. Not so in this time and age for so called "Atlantean healing" I am afraid. I did book a session and was not impressed with the healing, which turned out to be laying of hands ... indeed as old as the world. Depends on the individual if it is effective or not, and this healer was just not very good I guess. The key for me was in yet other synchronicities I was sharing with her in the personal flow of my life.
It still left me wondering what was going on with Atlantis and besides a new adventure series on BBC, at first I did not find any clue.
Until I saw that there had been powerful earthquakes in a region east of Florida, where Edgar Cayce had said Atlantis was ...
If it would be true that Atlantis is resurfacing, we expect a return of powerful healing techniques. Apparently it is already somewhere in the vibrations, otherwise you would never see this BBC stuff happening ...
In the worst case scenario it of course refers to the still present vibrations of the end of planet earth. Which could also be a way to read all these developments. After all we have a threat of collapse of the financial system and the rise of nuclear contamination around Fukushima (and elsewhere), combined with war mongering from the US and the israeli territories and not to mention the climate challenges. Let's hope this is about new ways to heal ourselves and how we live on this beautiful planet!

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