Thursday, February 21, 2013

Banking 101

Positive Money about the banking system
Many of us are not that interested in money, but would love to see a world in which their children can play safely, everyone has a roof above their head, there is good health care, fulfilling employment for everyone, and animals, the environment and the handicapped and elderly are cared for in a loving way. I'm with you!
But in order for that to be our daily reality, a lot has to change and in my view it starts with the banking sector.
It is one thing that the general public does not understand anything of the banking system, but it is a serious problem that the politicians do not understand. Hence we need to point out to them how it really works and demand they take action to fix this.
I have been following Positive Money for quite a while now and they have a clear and insightful way of explaining this stuff:

You may also want to read this flyer by Positive Money.
After the Dutch government decided that they can easily steal the savings from handicapped people, they now think they can also put the elderly on the street or have them stay in their home without care (imagine an Alzheimer patient in their own home, forgetting that they put a kettle on and setting the whole neighborhood on fire ...). This has to stop!
Positive Money is about the UK, but I am quite positive that many of the same stuff is happening here and in the US and elsewhere as well ... Let's transform politics in a way that they are representing the people again, instead of just stealing from them ...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The call for justice

Peach Rose Mandala Wall Clock - art by Anne Vis
For those of us who have been around long enough to remember the tragedy of Atlantis, there is nothing new in this time and age ... or so it seems.
We also know that in all cultures there is talk about this being a revolutionary time which is supposed to turn the balance to what is also referred to as "the Golden Age". Which would give us hope that this time around, things will go differently.
Time to turn from greed to justice.
How is it that the regular media seem to just not understand this, or maybe not WANT to understand?
Yesterday things in the Dutch media reached a new low when Huub Willems, a supposed teacher at a university of law, was interviewed on the topic of a bankster who fled the country after having received a bonus of one million Euros and leaving a toppled bank with an immense debt to be wiped up by us ... the people.
A blogger had called to the people to approach this bankster and demand the money back. His reasoning was that it just is not fair that this guy gets off with one million and the people have to pay for the mess.
So why do the media of all people they could interview, find this old fashioned guy, completely out of touch with what "ordinary" people are currently going through, who pleads in favor of the bankster as not being guilty until proven so. Exactly what proof does he want in this case? We all know that such a trial will never take place. Which is exactly the problem: there never are court cases against these criminals (at least not in the Netherlands).
And the people are livid, for their livelihoods are destroyed.
And then they are not allowed to say anything, because of "lack of proof"?
These days "proof" is never requested any more, everyone can end up in jail without accusation or trial (this is standard in the US already and no doubt will be followed by the EU) ... only the banksters are too rich to jail?
If the judicial system would work properly the bankster would have to be brought to court and mr. Willems would have his point. However, he is not looking at the absolute failure of the judicial system. In the first place the bankster is not brought to court. In the second place, the system is so corrupt and flawed, that it is highly unlikely that "evidence" will be found, even though any child can see it plainly. It is not without a reason that the heading "OM blundert" (translated as the judicial system blundered (again)) is on the front page of the newspapers on a daily basis.
Firstly it would help if it becomes rule that people over 65 are not allowed to teach at universities any more. It starts with what we learn and if the law students don't get proper education, we will continue to be in this mess.
Secondly, a great clean-up operation of the entire judicial system and the introduction of laws that reflect the need for justice as perceived by the population would help.
The bureaucracy and excess of people involved in this sector needs to be eradicated. There is too much talk about nothing and not enough about what really matters. This would also reduce the ridiculous costs that are going on in this sector.
In order for that to happen we need functioning media, with a truth seeking mission as opposed to media trying to silence the people and brush things under the carpet to protect the elite.

As long as those things do not happen, people WILL take justice in their own hands and prosecute the banksters with whatever means they have. And things are not spiraling out of control because of this, it is the other way round: things ARE out of control and that is why people that are desperate take desperate measures. But I guess mr. Willems has a comfortable position from which he thinks he can afford his viewpoint ...

Mean time I launched a new web page with clocks - the ultimate sign of times ...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

American Spring?

Business card - art by Anne Vis
While I continue to work on new designs, currently mostly new business cards, the world around seems to be getting crazier by the minute.
Not sure what to think of this movie: Is Obama finally going to be impeached?
According to research, as it comes to Republicans in Texas, it may happen: 67% is in favor of ousting the president.
I am European and we have seen Hitler come to rise here and one of the downsides of getting older is that you see history repeat itself time and again ... very annoying really ...

From what I see around, there are a lot of people who have simply stopped following the news. This has of course long been preached by the New Age movement, as watching the news supposedly brings down "your vibrational frequencies". The downside of this is that you may follow some "sound bites" by the regular media, after which you fall asleep again and return to "business as usual" ... until the "real world" gets ahead of you.

So is there a way to know what is going on in the world, without getting depressed or lowering your "vibrational frequencies"?
I typed this question in on Google, just out of curiosity. Interestingly enough, only articles on depression came up, with just one exception: an article from 2005 pondering on the developments in time, and how in ten years time, the world would look better. So here we are ... again, hope ... leading to ...?
Another article on Forbes is even better and points out that you already may be depressed, but you just don't know it (yet): happy and blissfully ignorant? :-)
This is quite an interesting article, that also acknowledges the physical aspect of any reaction we have as humans. (chemical imbalance or physical illness having a profound impact on your life and emotions).
So far my efforts to keep sane in a crazy world (not sure to what extend this can be called successful yet ...)
Considering the large scale at which things are happing now, the reversal of corporate and government control seems to be the best bet to keep our sanity.
American spring?
It looks like every argument the US government has to over topple regimes elsewhere is now also valid for the US government: we can say that there is no functioning democracy in place and we are dealing with a gross violation of human rights, little freedom of press and we can say Obama is coming very close to dictatorship.
We have seen that those "regime changes" and introductions of "democracy" do not work out so well elsewhere though ...