Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update from the world of bees

Beeing Alive - Save the Honeybee t shirt - art by Anne Vis
An update from bee-world: A great documentary on bees: More than honey is now playing in Amsterdam.

If you see this spectacular movie, it may be called a miracle that any bee survives at all, given the treatment by humans ...

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If you speak Dutch, you may be interested in a consumer program about
Bee disease and death related to consumer garden products.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Human Design Debunked

The Human Design System
A few years back I wrote about Human Design and how I had finally found a book that seemed to work. Neither the reading that I had from a professional Human Design Reader, nor studying the book, brought me much practical value. But when a friend suggested I attend an afternoon workshop about Human Design with the focused theme on relationships, I decided to give it another go. And explore our interesting relationship dynamics (yes, one of those!) :-)

What is interesting about Human Design is that it claims to build on three powerful and well established teachings: astrology, the I Ching and the Chakra system.
So with all the complexity that it shows, it suggests some authority and back then I started enthusiastically exploring it.
People are basically categorized in four groups, the majority of the people fall into the category of "generators" and sub-type "manifesting generators". They all have the strategy of "responding" as recommended strategy.

Like I mentioned, I am not an expert. So I was sitting in this workshop, and one of the people in the group asked how it is possible that any dating site even functions at all, if all people just "have to wait" and can only "respond"? (giggles). Uhm, yes, do they tell you what the quality of the relations is that eventually come out of these dating connections? (teacher)
So then he proceeded writing down ways to look at the chart combination of yourself and your partner. He suggested to add all the connections from both people and find where the 9 larger centers come together. You see some squares and triangles in the figure above (which is an example of a "now" and not from an actual person necessarily). These are the centers. Darker or colored lines connect them. Some lines are only half "filled". If the other person has the other half of the same line filled, then you have a connection between the two centers that are involved. The more centers are "active", the better the relationship in principle. This varies from all 9 centers active (you are symbiotic and don't have room for other people) to 5 or less centers active (you have no common ground to have a relationship).
So one woman asked how it is possible that she has been married for 40 years and they both have 0 centers active (suggesting there is no "common ground" for any relationship).
There wasn't really a good answer to that.
Another woman (yes, we had an interesting crowd there!) asked what the point was, since she had all 9 centers active just by herself. Would that mean that any relationship would be perfect?
About my relationship I received the "better be free" message. So I asked more about that, does that mean (in the terminology of "should I stay or should I go?") the advice to run? Also this label, seemed to be open for many interpretations: you can also see it as "you have a lot of inherent freedom in this relationship". Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!
So the interpretations were completely useless and it seemed like many people in the group did not recognize anything for themselves. I was also surprised to get just one simple way to do a "relationship math". Maybe there are more ways to look at relationship dynamics, but this was just not convincing and certainly falls short of any other way of finding insights in this area, like astrology or the chakra system.
I had another question about the "strategy" of listening to your gut feelings. Nice try, but in relationships, that means tuning into your sexual desire in my dictionary. So I suggested it might be more interesting to tune into the heart and listen to what the heart says.
Here is the astounding answer to that question: "This is only true for you, as you have the heart connected to the sacral".
First I don't have that connection. And second I highly doubt that other people would not benefit from listening to their heart, and certainly where it comes to relationships. So that brought another question: how is it that the heart location as in the chakra system, in Human Design means: ego? And the heart is dangling on the side? I know that the physical heart sits on the left, but that is not the place where the "heart feeling" resides, which sits in the center of the chest. And then: how come the spleen is located at the wrong side of the body? That does not make sense?
For those of you who are not too familiar with the anatomy: both the heart and the spleen live in the left side of the physical body. And whether you look at a person from the front or the back, you can't possibly have the spleen and heart at opposite sites.
I guess this has finally and deadly ended my explorations of Human Design.
That does not mean that it might not work for you though. If you are interested and attracted to it, the best way is always to do your own research and find what is true for you.

Of course I cannot leave here without sharing with you my latest explorations in art:
Unicorn's Magical World - art by Anne Vis