Thursday, January 16, 2014

A room with a view

An Ocean Away ... - art by Anne Vis
An Ocean Away ...
One of the advantages of art is that it gives you a view of a different reality. I was lately inspired by a French window shutter and decided to create a "room with a view". After all, there is a relationship between the window (eye) through which we are looking at the world and how we perceive what may or may not be "reality".
I did not set out to create a series of "rooms with a view", but apparently that is what happened and I would like to showcase several of them here, as it is nice to see them together and see how by changing just a few elements, the entire atmosphere changes. Thus you can also change your interior design and it will affect how you feel and how you look out of your "window". Fascinating, isn't it?
Tropical Paradise - art by Anne Vis
Tropical Paradise

Tea, Darling? - art by Anne Vis
Tea, Darling?

Happy Home - art by Anne Vis
Happy Home

Lounging - art by Anne Vis

Gazing at the Moon - art by Anne Vis
Gazing at the Moon

And another version of the first painting:
Enjoying the Sunset - art by Anne Vis
Enjoying the Sunset
And the latest one (so far ... ):
Vintage Angel Visit - art by Anne Vis
Vintage Angel Visit

Of course you can also use these paintings as sort of a "trompe l'oeil" ...

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