Monday, April 21, 2014

Portrait Paintings

A girl ... - art by Anne Vis
A Girl ...
In the course of the years once in a while the topic of portraits comes up. I am one of those artists who is all over the place and it seems to be very difficult for my creativity to stick to one topic for a while.
A couple of years ago I redid a vintage painting (blogpost), creating a new lady from an existing portrait.
Portrait of a Lady - art by Anne Vis
Portrait of a Lady

This time I have a "fresh" girl, as you can see in the top image, created from scratch. I am still working on finding the right brushes in Photoshop, but you can see it is a difference with the vintage girl. This is self-taught, so you can judge for yourself how I am doing so far :-)
Every portrait has an expression and whereas the vintage lady looks happy, the young "new girl" has a bit of a naughty look in her eyes ...

So I wonder what you make of this one (my very latest): Horses ... - art by Anne Vis
Horses ...

I find it interesting how different each horse is ... in that respect there is a similarity in painting humans and animals ...

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