Friday, September 4, 2015

Still Life - what exactly is "still"?

The concept of still life

Still life is usually seen as a moment of beauty frozen in time. The topics that are captured involve food, flowers and vases.
But does it have to be that way? In a sense, a portrait is also a still life.
Seen from the point of view of the meditator, there is an absence of thoughts, an increase in awareness, nothingness or maybe the full vibrancy of life.
I like to look at it from that point, and see a so called "Still Life" as an abundance in aliveness, shown as peace.

The art

So how would that translate in actual visual imagery?
In my world that means playing with glass (the reflections and transparency refer to the meditative aspect as mentioned earlier) as well as metals.
And this is what that would look like:

Bridge to Eternity - art by Anne Vis

You can see how the metallic effects create a liveliness. From here I was playing some more:

Bridge to Eternity - art by Anne Vis

Bridge to Eternity - art by Anne Vis

As you can see, I kept the color palette similar, to create a unity and add the three pieces together on one wall ...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Romance and Rain in Art

Bridge to Eternity - art by Anne Vis

Modern Art

Lately I have been inspired by the trend of paintings with a couple walking in the rain under an umbrella ... very cozy and romantic of course. I've seen quite a variety of paintings, oftentimes with leaves in all colors of the rainbow, bright and eye-catching. Another variety is the bright red umbrella in an otherwise black and white setting. So as you can see, a wild array of options for the creative and romantic soul!
I first started with this painting, in which the water and it's reflections formed a center part:

At the end of the rainbow - art by Anne Vis

Another aspect is the rainbow ... when the couple crosses the bridge, they will find "the pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow ...
The painting on top of this post is a variety, which came about after I found I wanted to change the entire color setting and make it a painting that would also be great for a bedroom. Warm red and orange as well as peach colors create a soothing atmosphere and with a romantic subject, the painting will create the right atmosphere for a great night of passion.
Both these paintings have been created from a 3D computer render.

Vintage Art

And then I came across this vintage painting by Russian artist Ivan Shishkin, which is in the public domain. It is originally in landscape size.

Rain in an oak forest

It is so nice to find that this theme has been around for so long! So I created my own version of this painting, changing the light and adding some more color and sunlight, turning the summer into fall ... I also added a deer and some mushrooms, to brighten up the atmosphere.
Of course there is no place for a hunter in a romantic painting, so I edited him out :-)
This is the end result, hope you like it:

Romance in the Rain - art by Anne Vis